France – President Macron Helping or Hurting?


As I read through the many sites on all the Jihadi activity, I found these 2 articles quite enlightening… or maybe I should say confusing.  French President Macron back in February 2018 thought he could “reform” Islam in his country.  When no one has been able to do that for over 1400 years!  All that can be said is, kudos for trying. First, Islam can NOT be “reformed”, no matter how many times a Muslim (or in  this case a non-Muslim) says it can.  So now fast forward to June 2018 and see that President Macron has a new realization that Islam IS the problem.  AND… amazingly, he’s asking the public for help.

Could this be an awakening or a beginning to finally recognize the problem?   Probably not, but I believe it may be a start as some countries are taking steps to slow the immigration “welcoming” party and as in Germany, fighting against it’s ruling party leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Realizing it’s the illegals entering that are NOT assimilating into the culture they move to.  Austria took an incredible stand recently, to shut down mosques and expel foreign-funded Imams.  Wish more countries, including the U.S. would follow suit!

It may be a beginning that will continue to roll through Europe and hopefully hit the U.S.!