Gunman Opens Fire in Toronto — One Dead, 13 Wounded

One person is dead and 13 others are wounded after a gunman opened fire in Germantown in Toronto, Canada, Sunday night, reports say.


Source: Breitbart, by Awr Hawkins, July 22, 2018

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the shooting occurred about 10 pm local time. The deceased is a woman, and one of the wounded is a nine-year-old girl.

Witnesses described hearing “up to 25 gun shots.”

Toronto Police tweeted:

CBC News reports that Toronto Mayor John Tory said the shooting is “evidence of a gun problem” in the city. He said, “Guns are too readily available to too many people.”

The University of Sydney’s lists Canada’s gun control as “restrictive.” Those wishing to purchase a gun must first acquire a license for which they must undergo a background check. That check includes a consideration of “criminal, mental health, addiction and domestic violence records.” It also requires a “third party character reference,” and law enforcement interviews and/or advises the gun license applicant’s “spouse, partner, or next of kin.”