Webinar Podcast: Dr. Josh Umbehr & Dr. Lee Gross Support Patrick Colbeck for Governor of Michigan




Patrick Colbeck has been researching and reading alternative healthcare choices for many years.  That is how he got to know Dr. Josh Umbehr and Dr. Lee Gross.  He worked with them to understand how low cost AND quality healthcare can be done.  AND… it does NOT require the federal or state government to manage it to work!  It is quite the opposite!  Dr. Umbehr and Dr. Gross will explain how it IS possible AND how they are currently managing it for many patients in their area!  Patrick Colbeck will take this knowledge and manage Michigan’s healthcare with similar possibilities!   #PatrickForGovernor of Michigan!

Dr. Josh Umbehr and Dr. Lee Gross Join Patrick Colbeck

Dr. Josh Umbehr, of Atlas MD.  From his bio: After completing training and becoming a board certified Family Physician, I opened Atlas MD, a practice that I had been dreaming about for nearly a decade. Atlas MD represents my ideal medical practice where I’m able to shrug off the burdens and restrictions of government and insurance regulation so I can focus solely on my patients and their needs.

Dr. Lee Gross, of Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care.  From his bio: Dr. Gross’s solution is simple: separate completely how we pay for basic health maintenance from insurance-based care, which covers chronic, catastrophic and palliative care.

Patrick Colbeck is Michigan’s only hope to resist the government takeover of mandated healthcare!

He is strong on Constitutional values, has the background needed to manage a state, and  is NOT afraid to address issues that undermine his state!   He is a proven leader, no matter what names he is called!  Unafraid, strong in the face of adversity, and willing to take on very difficult issues!

A good read from Patrick: Wrestling Gators: An Outsider’s Guide to Draining the Swamp

Please support Patrick Colbeck in Michigan!

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