WATCH: Activist Tommy Robinson Released From Prison

"All the British media do is lie. I have a lot to say but nothing to you."


Source: The Daily Wire, bAMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO, August 1, 2018

British activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was finally released on bail Wednesday morning after a successful challenge to his contempt of court conviction.

Per the Court of Appeals, a new hearing is pending for Robinson, who was arrested in May for live-streaming footage outside a Leeds Crown Court criminal trial regarding the sexual abuse of children.

On his way out of prison, Robinson was ambushed by the media. “All the British media do is lie. I have a lot to say but nothing to you,” the activist said to reporters.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett questioned the speed of Robinson’s conviction and 13 month sentence; the activist went from arrest to jail in just five hours under an enforced media blackout. The speed of the conviction “gave rise to unfairness,” said the judgment, noting that there was also a “lack of clarity” concerning the charge itself.

“It was unclear what conduct was said to comprise a breach of that order and the appellant was sentenced on the basis of conduct which fell outside the scope of that order,” said the judge, adding, “The decision at Leeds crown court to proceed to committal to prison so promptly and without due regard for [part] of the rules gave rise to unfairness.”

“The judge might have referred the matter to the attorney general to consider whether to institute proceedings. That course would have avoided the risk of sacrificing fairness on the altar of celerity,” Burnett added.

As conditions of his release on bail, Robinson must appear for a “retrial before the recorder of London at a date to be fixed and keeps a distance of at least 400 metres from Leeds crown court,” reports The Guardian.