Webinar Podcast: Anil Sanne, Jeremy Minton, and Erik Hart Support Patrick Colbeck for Governor of Michigan



Patrick Colbeck understands Michigan has had major problems with the conditions of roads across the entire state and requires a focus to get them fixed, but not just fixed for the moment, but fixed with a smart technology to keep them in great condition under the weather conditions that Michigan experiences.  As Governor, Patrick knows this needs to be a high priority for the citizens of Michigan.    #PatrickForGovernor of Michigan!

Patrick Colbeck – Anil Sanne – Jeremy Minton – Erik Hart Join Patrick Colbeck

These are experts in the field of roadway construction, using the latest technology to ensure that the repairs made to roadways across Michigan will be solutions that last.  They understand that weather and traffic are a major impact to any roadway, but they also know that there are solutions.  Patrick Colbeck will work with the best in these areas to get the job done!

Patrick Colbeck will have a focus to FIX the roads and FIX them with a smart technology to keep them stronger for the citizens of Michigan!

He is strong on Constitutional values, has the background needed to manage a state, and  is NOT afraid to address issues that undermine his state!   He is a proven leader, no matter what names he is called!  Unafraid, strong in the face of adversity, and willing to take on very difficult issues!

A good read from Patrick: Wrestling Gators: An Outsider’s Guide to Draining the Swamp

Please support Patrick Colbeck in Michigan!

Go here to support Patrick: https://colbeckforgovernor.com/