Webinar Podcast: Women and Sharia Crimes, Victims Speak Out!


Two courageous women whose identities may be hidden for security purposes, expressed their concern about the increased Sharia saturation of America!  

Former Muslim, Farrah Prudence, who lived under Sharia in the middle east.  And a lady we call Polly, whose identity will be concealed due to security, who lived under Sharia for many years.  They tell their horrific personal stories as victims of rape, FGM, child marriage, honor killing attempts, polygamy, etc.

They shared their concerns for personal safety of every female, no matter the age, as the American justice systems looks the other way as has happened in Canada and Europe.

This webinar was offered for free.  We will be offering more.  Please continue to monitor the Sharia Crime Stoppers page for all future webinars.  Also, we hope you will share this with anyone in your community, friends, family, and distribution.  All webinars will be recorded and posted as a podcast once completed.

Next Wednesday, August 22nd, we are offering a webinar specific to law enforcement, social workers, and judicial officials, but anyone can attend.