Law Enforcement, Social Workers, and Judicial Officials NOT TRAINED to Recognize Sharia Crimes!


It is critical for Law Enforcement to be trained to recognize Sharia crimes that happen in their community.  That training was removed during the Obama administration!  They could NOT even name the enemy or state the obvious and it continues today!

BUT… it is also critical for Social Workers and Judicial Officials to be trained to understand it as well.  Key components of Sharia crimes means a standard response may NOT be the correct path taken.  Prime example is young female runaways.  They can be running from an arranged marriage to a much older man, running from a scheduled FGM procedure – either locally performed or sent abroad, running from a possible Honor Kill that is sanctioned under Sharia, running from child rape that is also sanctioned under Sharia.  All of these mean the child should NOT be returned to the family!  Even a wife beating & forced marital rape that is sanctioned under Sharia!

The Judicial officials that don’t understand Sharia Crimes are NOT following appropriate legal procedures when considering these crimes.  Prime example here is: New Mexico and the judge releasing on bond, those involved in the murder of a 3yr old boy, starving 11 children, and training them to be shooters at schools.  Take a look at Laura Loomer’s recent tweet questioning how the Judge could qualify her decision!

What could that judge be thinking?!?!   It becomes quite obvious that the New Mexico Judge has never had any training to know what Sharia means!

Sharia Crime Stoppers is offering this type of class!  FREE & 100% Confidential! In Webinar Format for 16 weeks, starting September 4th, 2018, 7:00pm Eastern.  Registration is required, but again… names/emails are confidential.

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