Dr. Abdur-Rafay of Hizb-ut-Tahrir America: The West Has Launched a New Crusade


At Hizb-ut-Tahrir America’s 2018 Khilafa Conference, Dr. Abdur-Rafay said that the West has “launched a new Crusade – a much deadlier attack, with profound consequences, than just physical wounds,” and that “the bloody Crusades to spread Christianity… was now re-energized to infuse secular liberalism upon Muslims.” He accused Western governments and the media of linking any act of violence by a Muslim to extremism coming from a violent political ideology of Islam, and said that this narrative is a means of forcing Muslims to condemn violence, to prove their patriotism, and to adopt Western values. Abdur-Rafay said that this assault seeks to produce a “good Muslim” who believes in a secular, “American” Islam. The conference took place on April 29 in Palos Hills, Illinois.