Georgia: Judge resigns under pressure after Hamas-linked CAIR accuses her of “racism” and “Islamophobia”


Source: Jihad Watch, BY 

The media, on behalf of CAIR, has portrayed Judge Sharon Dickson as a racist, Islamophobe, and bigot. They have smeared a sitting judge, possibly contributing to her decision to resign.

For example, here is how the original story that led to her resignation broke on Atlanta’s WSBTV.

[Fazial] Azizan was on trial for misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a crash in his Uber car last spring. A customer was in the back seat at the time of the accident near the intersection of Hammond and Glenridge drives, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Azizan told the news station he was not at fault, but after being treated for his injuries, he was detained.

Azizan said he needed medical attention, but the ambulance driver refused to take him to a hospital that accepted his insurance. At some point, the two argued, he told Channel 2.

In dashcam video obtained by Channel 2, the emergency medical technician can be heard complaining about Azizan to an officer who responded to the accident.

“I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with this guy and now the back of our ambulance stinks of alcohol and he’s really starting to (expletive) me off,” the EMT said. “He’s being belligerent.”

Based on the EMT’s remarks, Azizan was removed from the ambulance and later arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct, according to Channel 2. He was held for three hours at the North Fulton jail annex.

A DUI task force officer later confirmed Azizan was not drunk, the news station reported.

“Remember, I’m the victim of an accident and at the same time, I’m being handcuffed,” he told Channel 2. “Going to the jail, the whole time I was just in a state of shock and crying. I didn’t do nothing.”

When he came before the Sandy Springs Municipal Court last July, he represented himself. Azizan thought he could clear his name, he told Channel 2.

He was convicted during the bench trial. Before she handed down the sentence, the judge called Azizan “a threat to everyone who wants to catch Uber” and referenced Azizan’s Islamic heritage at least six times, according to CAIR. At one point, he tried to interrupt her, and Dickson fired back.

“But I know where you come from, women don’t mean anything. OK? But that’s not how it works here. OK?” she said. “You can look up or you don’t have to. It’s up to you. I mean, I’m just a woman. I’m only a woman who is wearing a robe today. Doesn’t really matter. I get this. This is who you are.”

Azizan had appealed first to the Fulton County Superior Court, which found Dickson’s remarks “objectionable” and “wholly inappropriate” but upheld her ruling. Then he appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals, and on July 24, the Muslim rights group filed a friend of the court brief on his behalf.

Three days later, the city of Sandy Springs vacated the ruling and sentenced Azizan to two months of probation.

“We are relieved that justice was done in this case,” said attorney Jason McLendon, whose law firm represented Azizan during his appeal.

The future of the judge remains unclear, but CAIR is calling on Sandy Springs to re-evaluate its relationship with Dickson as well as the prosecuting attorney who did not intervene when she made her remarks.

However, if one reads the court transcript, a very different picture emerges. To put it succinctly, Judge Dickson was talking about and responding to Azizan’s behavior.

The reference to women and where he comes from was part of a dialogue that Azizan had started after he went into his “I’m a stranger in your country, you gotta understand…cultural differences” routine. Following this, he interrupted the judge and gave her attitude. So she upbraided him, something that happens in courtrooms across the country every day.

The transcript shows that Fazial Azizan’s legal troubles began when he took his girlfriend’s car without asking to use as an Uber driver.

Azizan began quarreling with his girlfriend on the phone after he picked up an Uber customer, a Ms. Thurman.

The customer pleaded with Azizan from the back seat to calm down as he led his girlfriend on a car chase. Azizan told Thurman to shut up or he would kick her ass, while quarreling on the phone.

This all ended when the girlfriend crashed her car into the vehicle that Azizan was driving, injuring Ms. Thurman, whom Azizan continued to threaten.

Thurman had her injuries attended to when the ambulance arrived. But Azizan followed her into the ambulance. He shrieked in an effort to get the EMTs to treat him and ignore Thurman’s injuries that were more serious. The ambulance crew had to ask the police to remove him.

The police officer testified in court that in his four years on the force he had never had an ambulance crew ask him to remove someone.

When the police decided to arrest Azizan for disorderly conduct, he resisted. Two officers were required to put the cuffs on Azizan. The officers dragged Azizan to the open squad car and shoved him in.

Once at the hospital, Azizan stopped speaking English. Azizan refused to cooperate with hospital staff until he was provided a translator, despite taking a nursing course at Georgia State that is taught in English.

The point is that there was never any “racism” involved. Azizan’s prior convictions for domestic abuse and domestic abuse in front of a child influenced Judge Dickson’s comments more than his “heritage.”

Sharon Dickson was nice to him. I leave it to your imagination what Judge Judy would have done to this sociopath. Someone had to tell Azizan the truth.

Judge Dickson was spot on when she said, “You are a threat to everyone who wants to catch Uber. I can’t believe you’re still doing that.”

Indeed, I hope Uber has stopped using him, but there is no way to find out.

Azizan should never be a nurse, and Sharon Dickson is not a racist Islamophobe. But that is what the website Above the Law called her. Despite the public praise Above the Law has received, Elie Mystal wrote a hit piece on Sharon Dickson that resembles a drunken rant. And, he credits CAIR at the end of it.

CAIR’s manipulation of the media is bad and getting worse. They get on the news with the most ridiculous of pretexts such as anonymous graffiti, utterly transparent publicity stunts, press conferences that provide no evidence, and confirmations that Eid is not for everyone.

Remember this incident, and bring it up repeatedly to news stations that continue to use CAIR without qualifying CAIR as controversial, or connected to Hamas.