Sadiq Khan’s Crime-Ridden London Tourist Ad


Source: Raheem Kassam, by Raheem Kassam, September 4, 2018

Sadiq Khan’s London is a sh*t hole.
The video above, made with the help of my Patrons, is the first in a series that will shed light on what is going on in the UK capital under Mayor Khan.
Even the Evening Standard — which supports Khan’s positions on many issues — has declared that he is simply not delivering on his campaign pledges, and that London has become ridden with violent crime under his watch.
Now, as we begin the march to the next London Mayoral election, it is on us as Londoner’s to prove to those who live and vote alongside us that London can’t afford four more years of Sadiq Khan.
Under Khan:
  • Robbery is UP
  • Burglary is UP
  • Knife Crime is UP
  • Rape is UP
Additionally, Khan has:
  • Failed to deliver on housing promises;
  • Will reduce bus services in London;
  • Is lumping nearly £1bn of debt onto Transport for London;
  • Is spending millions on ‘green projects’ instead of basic services;
  • Is more interested in international grandstanding than serving Londoners, traveling across the world to festivals to attack foreign leaders while Londoners suffer.
This is just the first trailer in a long line of creative content — videos, documents, websites, and more — that will highlight Khan’s failures over the past two years. I need your support to keep it up and keep it growing.
Many of you know I was ahead of this, way before traditional media, in declaring that Sadiq Khan was turning London into a sh*thole.
Now it is time for all of us to do something about it.