Highlights of Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar Series


Source: Liberato.us, September 8, 2018

Week 1 (9/5/18)


Current Counterterrorism Training Renders Us Unable to Know Our Enemy 

  • In 2008, DHS scrubbed ‘jihadist’ from its communications lexicon, substituting the obfuscating term ‘violent extremist’ in its stead. This violated Sun Tzu’s maxim ‘know your enemy’. The purge of standard counterterrorism training (and specific trainers) followed.  It was replaced (at the insistence of 57 Muslim groups) by Countering Violent Extremism (CVE is described here). CVE nonsensically treats all threats alike and misses key factors that explain Islam’s unique propensity to violence.
  • New training materials must not describe Islam as having a tendency towards violence
  • Fact-based scenarios involving armed Muslim women were removed from Navy SEAL training, at CAIR’s insistence
  • New training guidelines ignore the evidence and forbid trainers from suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood works through front groups to establish sharia law in America.  The guidelines also proscribe equating Islam with criminal activity law, even though sharia law approves of several crimes, including wife-beating and female genital mutilation. Moreover, the new guidelines ignore the fact that jihad is core religious doctrine, not a ‘perversion of Islam’.   Even if it were a perversion, we would still need to understand the perversion in order to know the enemy. 
  • Islamist violence is not attributable to poverty or unemployment; it’s been taught by Muslim institutions for 1,400 years. 
  • Since 9/11, many jihadis who have attacked the U.S. homeland have expressed a desire for martyrdom, undeniably a religious motive.
  • Purging truth from counterterrorism training has rendered agencies unable to see the warning signs of impending Muslim terrorist attacks or to discern the motives of the attackers.  Warning signs like Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s probable conversion to Islam and trips to the Middle East.
  • Current training tells agents not to conclude that a person’s association with a terrorist group means that the person supports the group’s violent objectives, contrary to Supreme Court precedent holding that association is tantamount to material support for terrorism.
  • Openly challenging US government through political pressure” is Final Non-Violent Phase of [the Muslim Brotherhood’s] “Underground Movement Plan”