Diana West Interview – National Security Briefing to ACT Cleveland

National Security briefing with Author Diana West was simply terrific. We learned so much…you wonder where & when Fake News started?
Diana educated all of us. She simply went back in time and had to draw a line and chose to start in the FDR administration. Communist infiltration was abundant.
She made the excellent case for how our history relates to today’s headlines.
Even though her specialty is researching and writing about Communist subversion, in our country, she explained that through the use of the Culture war & political correctness, we are being ” prepared for Dhimmitude.”
The way our language has been and is always being truncated puts us all ” under the thumb” of an Authoritarian System….( Google, Twitter, Facebook….???)
She also explained the beginnings of globalization, from Soviet spy, Alger Hiss and the start of the UN to Henry Dexter White and the creation of the International Monetary Fund….Thus the International Economic Order, some would say the New World Order. 
There’s so much more. Check out Diana’s blog DianaWest.net .