Cop Hater Keith Ellison Called Police to Protect Himself from Journalist Laura Loomer


Source: Big League Politics, By , September 24, 2018

A congressman and deputy director of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) with a long history of anti-police rhetoric called the police for his own protection after a debate Friday night, anticipating a confrontation with reporter Laura Loomer at a Saturday event.

“An Officer in Minnesota informed me that Keith Ellison’s campaign contacted Apple Valley Police in MN & told them he wanted police protection from me when he found out I was attending the education forum that was held yesterday,” Loomer said with accompanying video speaking with the police officer.

Loomer confronted Ellison at a State Attorney General debate Friday night where Keith Ellison was grilled over allegations of domestic abuse levied by two women, and Loomer protested him along with domestic abuse survivors. Ellison claims that the women fabricated their stories. He ran away from the protestors.

Saturday, there was an education panel  at the Education Minnesota Apple Valley open to union members and guests. Ellison’s campaign called police ahead time to ward off Loomer, who was invited as the guest of a union member.

But Ellison has a long history of hating cops, raising questions of why he would call them for protection from Loomer.

“The main point of our rally is to support United for Peace [in its fight against] the campaign of slander the police federation has been waging,” Ellison said at the time.

Ellison spoke at a demonstration on behalf of one of Haaf’s murderers in February 1993. He railed against police on multiple occasions during that time period with the explicit goal of intimidating police officers, wanting them to feel the same fear “that blacks had felt from police for many years.”

If the police have some fear, I understand that fear,” Willis said. “We seem to have an overabundance of bad police. . . . [W]e’re going to get rid of them,” Willis said according to St. Paul Pioneer Press. “They’ve got to go.”

Eventually, his relationship with Willis ended when Willis was sent back to prison for 20 years on gun and drug charges.

Further, Ellison spoke favorably of cop killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and “Assata Shakur” (Joanne Chesimard) in a National Lawyers Guild speech in 200. Abu-Jamal is wanted for the murder of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster in 1973, and Chesimard was convicted of that murder but escaped from prison and fled to Cuba in the early 1980’s.

“I am praying that Castro does not get to the point where he has to really barter with these guys over here because they’re going to get Assata Shakur, they’re going to get a whole lot of other people,” he said. “I hope the Cuba[n] people can stick to it, because the freedom of some good decent people depends on it.”

According to Ellison, cop killers are “good decent people.”

But when faced with the prospect of being asked difficult questions from a rogue journalist who does not play by the DNC’s established rules for media, Ellison called police for his protection.