John F. Kennedy took the U.S. to the brink of war to PREVENT the spread of Communism in our hemishere, today’s Progressives are taking us over the brink, EMBRACING Marxism and threatening what makes America great.

REMEMBER, WE REPORTED THIS (from Front Page Mag, Discover the Networks, September 7, 2018)


On a variety of key political issues, Gillum:

  • strongly favors the expansion of Obamacare as a step toward a government-run, single-payer, “Medicare-for-all” healthcare system;
  • strongly favors government-enforced affirmative action policies designed to compensate nonwhites and women for the effects of past and present discrimination;
  • strongly favors a steeply progressive income-tax structure where high earners pay disproportionately high rates, and where corporate taxes are increased significantly;
  • strongly favors the implementation of a pathway-to-citizenship for illegal aliens;
  • strongly favors the enactment of carbon taxes, higher CAFE standards for automobiles, and federal funding for the research-and-development of wind and solar power technology;
  • strongly opposes Voter ID laws as racist schemes that are designed to suppress minority voting;
  • believes that the enactment of voucher programs through which low-income parents can take their children out of substandard public schools and send them instead to superior private schools, constitutes bad public policy;
  • believes that the availability of guns should be severely restricted, even for law-abiding citizens who have never been convicted of a crime, and that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee Americans the right to possess a firearm;
  • supports a complete ban on so-called “assault weapons”;
  • believes that the federal government should inject large amounts of funding – in the form of cash as well as federal job-creation programs – to help the U.S. economy recover from downturns that it may experience;
  • believes that the nationalization of banks and corporations is more appropriate than government bailouts of those entities when they fail economically;
  • calls for a national $15-per-hour minimum wage requirement for all workers; and
  • advocates the repeal of Florida’s “stand-your-ground” gun laws which permit people to use deadly force if they feel that their lives are threatened by an aggressor or assailant.

Gillum also has released a video demanding that President Trump be impeached because he allegedly “obstructed justice” by firing former FBI Director James Comey.

The two leading individual donors to Gillum’s 2018 campaign have been George Soros and another left-wing billionaire, Tom Steyer. Scarcely two weeks ago, Soros, who already had contributed $1 million to Gillum’s Forward Florida political committee, announced that he was giving $250,000 more. And Steyer, who had previously funneled $500,000 to Forward Florida, pledged another $300,000. “I’m obviously deeply appreciativeof Mr. Soros, as well as Mr. Steyer, both men who I’ve known them for some time,” said Gillum. The most recent Soros/Steyer donations coincided with a $3.5 million get-out-the-vote effort by a coalition of pro-Gillum leftist organizations.