Bill Warner PhD: Muslim Candidates


We are seeing many Muslims run for office at the local, state and Federal levels. The day will come when there will be a Muslim candidate on every ballot, both Democratic and Republican. To combat this means that political action will have to happen long before the elections. Last minute panic will not help.

We have a wonderful political weapon to use against a Muslim candidate—Mohammed, the Koran and the Sharia. We must ask Muslims where they stand on Sharia wife-beating, jihad, killing apostates. We must make them defend and deny political Islam.

We need to push political Islam into the election process. Indeed, if we are to survive, we must inject Islam into every election, even if there are no Muslims running for office. We must question Kafir candidates about Sharia and political Islam.

The problem is not Muslims running for office; the problem is our fear, ignorance and lack of morale.