Linda Sarsour Calls to Vote against Ted Cruz, Questions Faith of Muslims who Defend Police


Speaking during a panel titled “Unapologetically Muslim” at an event held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), British journalist and Al-Jazeera TV host Mehdi Hasan said that complicated political issues require different strategies and that “we will need Linda [Sarsour] in the corridors of Congress, maybe being pulled out by Capitol police.”

Linda Sarsour said that American Muslims are complicit in the murder of Palestinian protestors and questioned the faith of Muslims who debate the issue of Palestine and try to defend or “humanize the oppressor.”

Speaking about police violence, Linda said: “I don’t want to get into debates with Muslims about what Mike Brown did before he got shot, or what [any] young black person did before he got shot. That’s not a conversation any Muslim should be having.”

She said that Muslims should not spend time defending police officers and questioned the faith of Muslims who “act like Donald Trump” by saying there are nice people on both sides of political issues.

Sarsour added that she is motivated by anger. In addition, Sarsour urged Texan Muslims to vote against “religious, zealot, bigot” Ted Cruz in the upcoming midterm elections, and she questioned the faith of those who don’t intend to vote against him.