16 Week Webinars: Written Summaries, Sept – Dec 2018 – Updates Provided thru Dec.


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“These summaries are a great plus for the echo chamber we need
in order to grow the revival of Justice and personal safety.” 

– Dick Manasseri, Sharia Crime Stoppers

Summaries of the Weekly Webinar Series offered Sept – Dec 2018.  A good friend of SCS offered these as an added benefit to those attending or watching the podcasts.  We are grateful to his efforts to help us deliver this training. 

Sharia Crimes: Comprehensive Training for Peace Officers, Social Workers, and Judicial Officials

Week 1 (9/4/18)
Current Counterterrorism Training Renders Us Unable to Know Our Enemy 

  • In 2008, DHS scrubbed ‘jihadist’ from its communications lexicon, substituting the obfuscating term ‘violent extremist’ in its stead. This violated Sun Tzu’s maxim ‘know your enemy’. The purge of standard counterterrorism training (and specific trainers) followed.  It was replaced (at the insistence of 57 Muslim groups) by Countering Violent Extremism (CVE is described here). CVE nonsensically treats all threats alike and misses key factors that explain Islam’s unique propensity to violence.
  • New training materials must not describe Islam as having a tendency towards violence
  • Fact-based scenarios involving armed Muslim women were removed from Navy SEAL training, at CAIR’s insistence
  • New training guidelines ignore the evidence and forbid trainers from suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood works through front groups to establish sharia law in America.  The guidelines also proscribe equating Islam with criminal activity law, even though sharia law approves of several crimes, including wife-beating and female genital mutilation. Moreover, the new guidelines ignore the fact that jihad is core religious doctrine, not a ‘perversion of Islam’.   Even if it were a perversion, we would still need to understand the perversion in order to know the enemy. 
  • Islamist violence is not attributable to poverty or unemployment; it’s been taught by Muslim institutions for 1,400 years. 
  • Since 9/11, many jihadis who have attacked the U.S. homeland have expressed a desire for martyrdom, undeniably a religious motive.
  • Purging truth from counterterrorism training has rendered agencies unable to see the warning signs of impending Muslim terrorist attacks or to discern the motives of the attackers.  Warning signs like Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s probable conversion to Islam and trips to the Middle East.
  • Current training tells agents not to conclude that a person’s association with a terrorist group means that the person supports the group’s violent objectives, contrary to Supreme Court precedent holding that association is tantamount to material support for terrorism.
  • Openly challenging US government through political pressure” is Final Non-Violent Phase of [the Muslim Brotherhood’s] “Underground Movement Plan”

Week 2 (9/11/18)
A Perfect Storm of Motive, Means, and Opportunity is Producing Jihadi Attacks in the U.S. 

  • Islamic doctrine
    • From authoritative sources: Quran, Hadith, Reliance of the Traveller (statement of sharia law)
    • 109 violent passages in the Quran, e.g., ‘soon we will cast terror into the hearts of nonbelievers.’ There may be violence in Christianity but no instruction to kill nonbelievers and apostates as there is in Islam.
    • Muslims have a religious duty to donate money to those fighting for Allah, meaning people who are engaged in military-style operations against the infidel
    • Islam is perfect and must prevail over all other religions; it is the only true religion and must dominate the earth.
    • Jihadis read Qutb who wrote rebellion against Allah must be suppressed through jihad; Muslims must cleanse the earth and witness their faith by removing all obstacles.  Jihad is an “organized struggle” to ‘liberate’ non-Muslims from man-made law and establish Allah’s sovereignty on earth. The enemy tells us they attack us because we are nonbelievers.  [Editor’s Note: even if you believe this is a perversion of Islam, you must understand it as what the self-declared enemy is telling you is their actual war-fighting doctrine.]
  • Jihadi blueprints after 9/11 emphasize frequent small attacks, as they will have more impact than one large attack.  Small attacks are also dismissed more easily as ‘lone wolves’.  However, the Manchester attacker sought and received permission from ISIS and the Orlando terrorist was well-trained by others. There are no ‘lone wolves’.
  • Many jihadi attackers in the U.S. since 9/11 fit the profile of being 2nd or 3rd – generation Muslims or converts to Islam.  They’re not all young; some are older like Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter.
  • Many law enforcement officers have been attacked in the U.S., Europe, and Canada.  It is not a coincidence that ISIS urged such attacks in 2014.
  • There have been many jihadi attacks and convictions in the U.S. in 2018, including a woman in Florida who crashed her car into a police station.  On average, two suspected terrorists are arrested every week. Contrary to widespread belief, we have not ‘turned the corner’.
  • There is copious documentation of infiltration of our southern border:
    • thousands of Muslims from terrorist countries have been arrested trying to cross the border
    • four members of ISIS were arrested in Texas in 2014
    • Hezbollah runs drugs across the border to finance its operations (the Obama administration shut down efforts to stop this)
    • Reports of Iranian sleeper cells in the U.S. are ‘just the tip of the iceberg’
  • Numerous jihadi paramilitary training camps are operating in the U.S., some run by the Muslim Brotherhood
  • A Muslim arsenal was found in Minnesota
  • Q&A:
    • 80% of U.S. mosques teach violence.  They will have to be investigated one-by-one (including surveillance and undercover work).
    • Law enforcement says they can’t move against the camps until the camps break the law
    • Arrests are being made all over the country – not just one region – in urban, suburban, and rural areas
    • Congress has not acted so citizens should pressure Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization
    • There are many ways the U.S. Treasury could disrupt foreign financing of terrorist activities in the U.S.
    • Isn’t all this subversion? It certainly is material support for terrorist activity which is against federal law

Week 3 (9/18/18)
Many Sharia Practices are Considered Crimes against Women in the U.S.

  • Again, definitive sources were used in creating this webinar (Quran, hadith, Reliance of the Traveller [accepted statement of sharia law])
  • Women are inferior under sharia law; they do not have equal rights. Men are privileged at every turn:
    • Wives must submit to sex-on-demand by their husbands
    • Men can have 4 wives, but women can’t have 4 husbands
    • Women must submit to a dress code that covers everything except the eyes; the veil marks women as restricted property of a man.  Women (including Western women) who do not conform to this dress code are fair game for sexual violence and at fault if they are raped; Muslim men are not expected to be able to control themselves.  Clever Western feminist propaganda attempts to turn the veil – a symbol of female subservience – into a badge of gender justice and sexual equality, but wife-beating alone puts the lie to these claims.
    • In some places, women cannot testify in court at all; in others, it takes 2 women to equal the testimony of 1 man
    • A woman must have 4 witnesses to prove a case of rape
    • A man can divorce his wife simply by saying ‘I divorce you’ 3 times
  • Sharia practices constituting crimes under U.S. law:
    • Honor killings – kill the daughter to redeem the honor of the man/family. Often, multiple family members are involved
    • Female genital mutilation – to control the sexuality of women. Detroit case discussed
    • Child brides – girls as young as 6 are forced into marriage (surprisingly, not all U.S. states have marriage age of consent laws).  This is pedophilia.  Also, young boys are sex toys for Muslim men. (This is not considered ‘homosexuality’ because the men don’t leave their wives and the boys can’t grow a beard yet and are, therefore, not ‘men’.  This is just another form of Muslim male dominance over other human beings.)
    • Polygamy – multiple wives
    • Temporary marriages – this is administered by local imams who basically act as pimps in a religiously-sanctioned paid prostitution scheme
    • Wife-beating – this is assault and battery
    • Rape and sex-trafficking – There are Muslim grooming gangs in the U.S., in Minnesota, Ohio, and Tennessee
  • Distinguishing between Muslims
    • The above pertains to fundamentalists.  Fundamentalists believe in Islamic supremacy and support jihadist groups and terrorism.  They also believe Islam has been hijacked by secular Muslims who must be purged in order to re-establish ‘true’ Islam
    • Fundamentalists are engaged in civilizational jihad and use stealth means to impose sharia.  One example of stealth is placing Muslim women in leadership positions. This is a deception. It also shows it is OK to break sharia law in order to impose sharia law.
    • They hide behind political correctness, the First Amendment, multiculturalism, and Islamophobia in this fight
    • The Muslim Brotherhood exemplifies civilizational jihad.   We should summon the courage to designate it as a terrorist group and declare it as subversive.
    • Most Muslims are law-abiding, not fundamentalists or jihadis
    • However, in the U.S., polls show substantial percentages of the Muslim population here support suicide bombings, Al Qaeda, and the use of violence to impose sharia law. Moreover, untold numbers of Muslims are working to overthrow the Constitution and turn the U.S. into an Islamic state.

Week 4 (9/25/18)
My Holy Book Says 109 Times ‘Slay the Infidel’ – Can We Be Friends?

  • Early Fundamentalist Theorists in Islam, drawing on doctrinal support:
    • combined religion and state
    • decreed that any deviation from the one true path is apostasy and punishable by death
    • urged a return to Islam’s Golden Age
    • attempted to cleanse Western decadence and influence from Islam
    • preached world domination and the use of warfare to achieve this goal (establishing a world-wide Islamic system of state rule)
    • taught that jihad will bring about true ‘freedom’ – man-made law will be swept aside and Allah’s law will be implemented where all will be ‘free’
    • characterized jihad as a religious duty to fight; there can be no coexistence with the infidel; there will only be one winner in this conflict
    • these teachings inform today’s jihadists (Wahhabi’s, Al Qaeda, etc.) who often talk about ‘fighting for Allah’. 9/11 was an Awakening, an initial step to wake Muslims up to the need to return to the Golden Age of Islam.
  • ‘Defensive’ Jihad
    • Anyone who is not a fundamentalist Muslim (Muslim and non-Muslim) is an enemy
    • Fighting Islam’s enemies is ‘defending Islam’, thus allowing jihadists to claim they are not the aggressors.
    • ‘Islam is under attack’ is a clever rhetorical trick and successful recruitment tool for jihad.  Jihadists are authorized by the Quran to fight back. 
    • The success of this ploy is seen is seen in the all-too-common sentiment, ‘9/11 was America’s fault’.  This sales pitch is being promoted in some U.S. public school classrooms.
    • ‘Peace’ does not mean the same to jihadists as it does to us. We define ‘peace’ as coexistence and the absence of conflict.  To jihadists, there will only be ‘peace’ when Islam wins and all non-Muslims are confronted with three choices: convert, submit to Islam, or die. [Editor’s Note: Islamic documents often sound good to Western ears but, as this example shows, they use seemingly ordinary words as terms of art that are defined quite differently somewhere else.]
  • The True Meaning of ‘Jihad’
    • ‘Spiritual’ Jihad is another rhetorical ploy, that jihad is just an ‘inner struggle’ against temptation and appetites.  There is little doctrinal support for this spin.  It’s a deception that sucks in the politically correct crowd.  Don’t be confused: the true meaning of jihad is military action to expand Islam.
    • Jihadists are following the example of Muhammad who fought in 27 battles and authorized 50+ more.
    • Islam became the majority faith in many countries through conquest.
  • Other Aspects of Jihad
    • Jihadists are redeemed from all their sins.  Martyrs are guaranteed immediate entry into paradise where 72 virgins await (a powerful motivator)
    • Muslims are taught they will live forever in torment if they fail in their religious duty to wage jihad.
    • Jihad is permanent until Islam is victorious, but it can be paused for up to 10 years (“hudna”) which, coincidentally or not, is the length of Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.
    • There is doctrinal support for sex slavery
    • Given the doctrinal support for jihad, only idiots can claim jihad is a ‘perversion’ of Islam.  Even if it were, we still must understand the enemy’s war-fighting doctrine.
    • Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Winston Churchill all saw the true violent nature of Islam.  Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy and Marines to fight the Barbary Pirates, Muslims who demanded payment to stop attacking American shipping.  Adams saw Islam as a threat to the U.S. Constitution.
    • There are 109 violent verses in the Quran, e.g.,
      • “slay the idolaters”, “slay the pagans”
      • “strike off their heads”
      • “their skins are roasted”
      • “strike terror in the hearts of those who disbelieve”
    • These violent verses likely inspired the beheading in Oklahoma a while back (for refusal to convert to Islam), as well as the beheadings and burnings by ISIS of its captives.
    • The Doctrine of Abrogation – another rhetorical trick.  Islamists often recite peaceful verses from the Quran to support the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace.  However, these early verses from the 610-622 Meccan Period are abrogated by later war-filled passages of the Quran from the 622-632 Medinan Period.  More on abrogation in a later webinar.
  • Final Notes
    • Not all Muslims are fundamentalists or subscribe to jihadist ideology.  Many are non-observant, in the same way many Christians and Jews are non-observant.  Law enforcement has developed techniques to figure out which Muslims can be trusted and which cannot.
    • Good sources:
      • TheReligionOfPeace.com (monthly reports on jihad attacks and casualties)
      • MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute (research about Islamist ideology and Islamist organizations that threaten the West)
      • Webinar Instructor’s Bibliography on TheUnitedWest.com (scroll down past the list of webinars)
      • Ibrahim, Raymond. Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West. De Capo Press, 2018

Week 5 (10/2/18)
Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

  • Hijra – Islamic religious duty to colonize.  Migrate to non-Muslim countries, band together in enclaves governed by sharia law, do not assimilate, and prepare for conquest.  Progression: Peaceful – Prepare – Conquer
  • Dar al Islam v. Dar al Harb – the worldview that divides territory into Islamic space and the House of War.  Do not befriend non-Muslims.  When territory becomes Islamic space, tell the remnants of the population covert, submit to dhimmitude (second-class citizenship, available to Christians and Jews), or die. Given this worldview, jihadist attacks make perfect sense.
  • Apostasy – punishable by death, as prescribed in the Quran. Traces back to the beginning of Islam.  One Muslim figure said Islam cannot survive without the threat of death for apostasy.
  • First Jihad – Muhammad’s battles (622-632).
    Second Jihad – North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, South Asia (632-1683)
    Third Jihad – formation of the Muslim Brotherhood to bring Islam back to its roots [Salafism] (1928 to the present)
  • Doctrine of Abrogation – Muslims often cite peaceful passages from the Quran to show Islam is a religion of peace (‘let there be no compulsion in religion’), but these verses are abrogated by later war-like verses (‘slay the infidel’).  Also, Islam abrogates all other religions.  They are null and void.
  • Tools of Deception:
    • Fake friendships with non-Muslims
    • Taqiyya – the religious duty to lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam
    • Kitman – artful spin, what aren’t they telling you?
    • Terms of Art – ‘terrorism’ can only occur against Muslims. Violence against non-Muslims is not ‘terrorism’.  Similar subterfuges are employed with respect to ‘extremism’, ‘human rights’, and ‘peace’.  Deconstruct their statements: they may sound good to Western ears but actually  mean something completely different.
    • Muruna – by any means necessary. You can throw out all the rules to promote the return of Islam to its roots. E.g., Huma Abedin marrying a Jew.
    • Intermarriage – Muslim men lure women into marriage, then abscond with the children to make as many Muslims as possible [Editor’s Note – more Population Jihad, like hijra]
    • Place Muslim females in Western dress as high-profile spokespersons to fool the infidel
    • Falsely claim Islam empowers women
    • Condemn terrorism in general terms, without naming specific individuals or acts.  Terrorists take this as a green light for continued violence.
    • Falsely claim jihad is a ‘perversion’ of Islam when, in fact, it is core doctrine
  • Ft. Hood Case Study
    • There were plenty of warning signs that Nidal Hasan had become radicalized. He said suicide bombings are justified and referred to fratricide, which he eventually committed.  He did not hide the fact that he was steeped in Islamic doctrine.
    • It is important for law enforcement to understand he was following his beliefs.
    • He was investigated but cleared because there were no past acts of violence. He was promoted.  Political correctness prevented proper assessment and handling of the situation.  The DoD report was a whitewash, never once mentioning Islam or sharia and calling the rampage that killed 13 people ‘workplace violence’.   However, a Congressional report said it is important to understand Islamist ideology and to name the enemy.
    • The process of willful blindness began under George W. Bush with the elimination of words like ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ from the law enforcement lexicon.  It continued with the replacement by Obama of standard counterterrorism training with the watered-down Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) approach.  These policy changes set the stage for Ft. Hood and later botched investigations (e.g., Orlando, Boston Marathon bombing) where clues were overlooked and evidence of Islamist radicalization ignored. 

Week 6 (10/9/18)
Boiling the Frog Slowly (Civilization Jihad)

  • Terrorist attacks and ‘stealth jihad’ work in tandem (‘good cop, bad cop’), but both have the same goal:  Islamist supremacy, establishment of a caliphate, and the imposition of sharia law on all mankind.  The Muslim Brotherhood believes military jihad might not be necessary if the ground is adequately prepared (dawa).
  • Its 1977 playbook and its 1982 “Project” document lay out how the Muslim Brotherhood intends to establish Islamic world government in stages.  Strategies and tactics:
    • Avoid open alliances with terrorist organizations (play good cop, ‘condemn’ terrorism)
    • Infiltrate and take over existing Muslim groups
    • Launder money to jihadist groups through charitable organizations
    • Infiltrate government at all levels, unions, and other institutions
    • Partner with other faiths and Progressives (Red-Green Axis
    • Get followers to sow unrest
    • Promote the idea of martyrdom as the highest aspiration
  • Muslim Brotherhood operations in the U.S. began in 1962 with the Muslim Student Association. Camps were started in 1971.  The Holy Land Foundation was established to raise money in the U.S. for Hamas.  The predecessor to CAIR was started.  Mosques were built and the push for refugee resettlement began.
  • Explanatory Memorandum – Discovered by the FBI in 1987.  Written by senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders (some say it was written by low-level operatives, but senior leaders have never repudiated it).  The gist is to ‘destroy Western Civilization from within through its own hand in a Grand Jihad’ with help from non-Muslims (useful idiots). The goal is to overthrow the U.S. government, subvert the Constitution, and impose sharia law.  Law enforcement is unprepared for jihad as long as it does not understand this criminal conspiracy.
  • More tactics (as proved by the evidence in the 2009 Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial):
    • Hide behind the Constitution (aggressively assert rights)
    • Deception
    • Exploit our tolerance (beat back challenges with charges of Islamophobia and hate speech; induce self-censorship through political correctness)
    • Exploit appeasement and accommodation; incessant demands for special privileges for Muslims  (e.g., foot baths in airports)
    • Dilute and purge counterterrorism training, offer their own as a substitute (CVE) [Editor’s Note – This is disastrous. We can’t have the enemy inside the wire telling us how to regard the enemy.]
    • Lawfare
    • Threaten other Muslims with apostasy (punishable by death)
    • Promote sharia blasphemy codes which are antithetical to free speech
    • Campaign donations [Editor’s Note – this has progressed to running lots of candidates across the country.]
    • Penetrate public and higher education
    • Target other religions through interfaith dialogue [Editor’s Note – despite the cute name, these are carefully crafted demoralization operations.]
    • Entrench sharia into the U.S. system in stages (e.g., arrive, build mosques, etc.)
    • Population jihad – hijra (colonization), high birth rate, refugee resettlement.  Every tactic (e.g., confrontation) becomes more powerful as their numbers grow.
  • The Explanatory Memorandum identified Muslim Brotherhood front groups in 1987, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Student Association, and the predecessor to CAIR.  The plan is to create a parallel society, with a Muslim Brotherhood front group corresponding to every existing group in society (e.g., student associations).   The front groups have interlocking boards for better coordination.
  • The Explanatory Memorandum constitutes a criminal conspiracy to subvert the Constitution and overthrow the U.S. government in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2385. 
  • Dawa – preparing the ground for jihad, as directed by the Quran. All are called to Islam, invited to become believers. Non-Muslims must convert, submit, or die.   The Islamist forces slowly gain strength and we become demoralized.  Tactics include:
    • Removing non-Islamic symbols to eradicate cultural underpinnings of society (e.g., statues, denigrate the Founders, attack Christmas and Columbus Day, etc.)
    • Start imposing sharia compliance (e.g., female-only hours at swimming pools)
    • Muslims stay in enclaves and do not assimilate.
    • Build more mosques (there are now 3,000 Islamic centers and mosques in the U.S., plus 700 Muslim Student Association chapters)
    • Go slow and avoid pushback (gradualism) [Editor’s Note – they also engage in perimeter testing; push here and there and keep going where you don’t meet resistance.]
    • Play the victim card
  • The plan is very far along; the early stages are complete.  Later stages are in progress. Law enforcement takes its cue from local politicians, some of whom cave into Muslim demands. 

Week 7 (10/16/18)

Islam is Marching Through our Institutions, By Design

  • Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups – Funded by the Saudi government, these groups are the self-appointed voice of Islam in America. Non-MB groups are splintered.  These groups infiltrate governmental, social, and educational institutions to further the MB’s plan for conquest.  The FBI has a troubled history of kowtowing to these groups, even after the Holy Land Foundation trial which exposed the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to overthrow America in federal court. 
  • CAIR and its role in ‘soft’ or ‘civilizational’ jihad:
    • CAIR is the fund-raising arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in America, according to evidence presented in the Holy Land Foundation trial.
    • A federal judge has called CAIR a “criminal organization”
    • CAIR has voiced support for Osama bin Laden and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing defendants
    • CAIR’s founder said its goal is to dominate the U.S.
    • CAIR uses deception, such as female spokespersons when women generally have far fewer rights under sharia
    • CAIR vociferously objects to mosque surveillance, programs to root out disloyal police officers, etc.  It forced the NYPD to withdraw a report on radicalization.  It stopped intelligence gathering in Anaheim. It pressured the Justice Department not to prosecute the named Holy Land Foundation co-conspirators.
    • CAIR uses lawfare and intimidation to silence critics
    • CAIR tells Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI or customs agents
    • CAIR pressures law enforcement to shut down counterterrorism training it does not approve of, and seeks to have such courses de-certified.  It claims only trainers it approves of can offer accurate training [Editor’s Note – this is the enemy inside the wire telling us how to regard the enemy]
  • The Muslim Brotherhood in U.S. higher education:
    • The Muslim Student Association is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.  Established in 1963, MSA is now on 700 American campuses.  Several terrorists are among MSA’s alumni.
    • The Saudis fund radical Wahhabism in U.S. academia.  One can quickly list $100 million in Saudi donations.  Why does Yale need a $10 million sharia law center?  The money comes with strings attached:  they control Middle East studies hiring, and what is taught about jihad.  As a consequence, thousands are being misinformed.
  • Islamization in local schools:
    • Muslim influence in the schools extends to text books, teacher training, forced student participation in Muslim activities (e.g., wearing hijabs) and even the Pledge of Allegiance (‘one nation under Allah’)
    • Pro-Islam homework activities (e.g., ‘describe the 5 pillars of Islam’)
    • Muslim holidays are being recognized, for all students
    • Text books present a misleading picture of Islam (e.g., ‘religion of peace’ while ignoring Islam’s violent history)
    • A ‘gatekeeper’ group intimidates publishers to submit texts for review or face allegations of ‘Islamophobia’
  • Muslim Brotherhood influence of public officials / infiltration of U.S. government agencies
    • Muslim money flows to U.S. Presidents, ambassadors, etc.
    • The Treasury Department could do more to disrupt terrorism financing (e.g., indict the named Holy Land Foundation co-conspirators)
    • The Huma Abedin example is instructive.  Brought in as an intern, she became chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  CAIR has said that internships are an excellent way to place operatives in the government.
    • The inaccurate but prevailing thought among some government officials is that there is no nexus between Islam and terrorism, and that the Muslim Brotherhood is on our side in the global fight against terrorism.  McMaster subscribed to these views and acted accordingly when he worked in the White House. Mattis’ views are also problematic: he believes that terrorist attacks are the result of false religious views when, in fact, jihad is core doctrine in Islam.
    • JetPAC is promoting Muslim candidates for office.
  • Islamic Blasphemy Law
    • Blasphemy is defined by Muslims as anything that is unfavorable to Islam, EVEN IF IT’S TRUE.  Truth is NOT a defense under sharia blasphemy law, unlike U.S. libel law.
    • Blasphemy also includes anything that encourages Muslims to leave Islam.
    • Offensive speech can be punishable by death, and anything objectionable is ‘hate speech’ which should be punished criminally.
    • If bad things happen, it’s the speaker’s fault.  [Editor’s Note – in this way, fabricated ‘Days of Rage’ are used to shut down speech.  The ‘heckler’s veto’ is not recognized in U.S. free speech law, but is determinative in sharia blasphemy law]
    • U.S. media is sharia-compliant: Facebook is searching out ‘anti-Islamic’ posts and the AP style manual forbids the use of terms like ‘Islamist’ or ‘terrorists’.
    • Muslims are aggressively moving to shut down free speech (e.g., in shopping malls which previously allowed it)
  • Sharia in U.S. courtrooms:
    • A few years ago, the Center for Security Policy documented the use of sharia law in over 50 U.S. court cases.  These are typically family law disputes in which the imposition of sharia disadvantages women and abridges their constitutional rights.
    • Another way in is through arbitration where the parties agree sharia law will apply.
    • It’s been an uphill fight to get American Law for American Courts legislation passed; only 10 states have it. 
  • Lawfare:
    • There are many examples of aggressive legal action to get special rights for Muslims: driver’s license photos where the woman’s face is covered; Disney World; many employers get sued if they don’t offer prayer breaks to their Muslim employees; too many crosses at a Catholic university; pork handling or serving; keeping hijabs on for mugshots, etc.
    • these hostile acts are designed to demoralize us.

Week 8 (10/23/18)

The Aliens Have Landed: Cultural Scripting, Violence, and Crime

  • Studies show Muslims are more prone to violence
    • Anger is easily triggered in Muslim males
    • Violence rises in 2nd and 3rd generations of immigrants (alienation due to deliberate lack of assimilation and the attempt to live by sharia in foreign lands)
    • The more devout they become, the more violent they become (correlation with religiosity)
    • Inbreeding is common among Muslims; one of the consequences is lower empathy
  • Un-Western Cultural scripts:
    • Compromise is a sign of weakness.  Concessions are to be followed by more demands.
    • Avoiding confrontation is shameful
    • Dislike of outsiders
    • Integration is the model; not assimilation.  Integration means live among others, but don’t adopt their culture.  This means that the cultural factors producing violence in Muslim boys will NOT be abandoned in a new land.
    • Intolerance of criticism
    • Guilt is not tied to personal guilty knowledge, but to public knowledge.  There is no guilt if people don’t know what you did.   But criticism by others is a source of shame.
    • Honor must be preserved, or reclaimed if lost – even by killing.  Family members must restore honor quickly because shame is disruptive to the prime cultural directive: group solidarity. [Editor’s Note – Bedouin mentality; life is tough in the desert and survival depends on group solidarity.]
    • Note the bad mix of aggressiveness and being thin-skinned.  Muslim responses are often disproportionate as a result.
    • Assimilation is tantamount to criticism of Islamic culture and thus cannot be tolerated
    • Victim mentality: all suffering is caused by others, not personal choices.  Must find scapegoats. 
    • Rape is the victim’s fault.  Men cannot be expected to control themselves.  Women are Satanic; they seduce and manipulate.  Muslim men are victims.  Female sexuality is to be feared as a threat to the social order.  Rape culture is actively promoted. 
    • Most Muslim crime is against non-Muslims and is justified by Islamic theology.
    • Anger, threats, and intimidation are considered virtuous when directed against non-Muslims
    • Islam cannot be criticized.  Consequence: Victims of Muslim crimes in Western countries are being sacrificed to political correctness. 
  • Family:
    • Male births are celebrated; female births are not
    • Toddler males are pampered; girls quickly learn they are subordinated to their brothers.
    • Females are taught that their libido is a ticking time bomb and this is why the women in their lives will subject them to female genital mutilation
    • Mothers are devalued and abused. Polygamy is common and divorce can be instant.
    • Violence is a normal part of family life.  Boys are groomed to use violence, girls to expect it.
  • More on violence:
    • Violence is justified by sharia: violence is how you achieve ‘peace and social justice’
    • ‘Critical Stage’ document: “The Management of Savagery”.  The U.S. military has known about this for more than 10 years.  It states that Muslims must establish a caliphate to rule the earth and Muslims must strike their enemies often to instill fear in them. 
    • Hostages are to be liquidated.  
    • Christians are to be exterminated as we are seeing now in the Middle East and Africa.
    • Beheadings and the burning of captives are religious duties imposed by the Quran (8:12, 47:4, 4:56)
  • Muslim Crimes:
    • Sharia-sanctioned pedophilia (‘boy play’ – which is not considered homosexuality)
    • Child pornography
    • Rape: 90% is by Muslims in Oslo; Sweden is now the rape capital of the world; 95% of child rape in the UK is by Muslims.
    • Growing problems In the U.S.: sex trafficking, gang rapes, etc.
  • First memo to U.S. law enforcement: Honor Killings
    • Honor killings are a religious duty; there is no punishment in Islam.  Must wash shame with blood.
    • It is shameful for males not to reclaim family honor
    • “ghayra violence” – used by males against female family members
    • There can be no rest until family honor is restored.  Women who flee these situations need to be placed in witness protection programs.
    • Other cultures may engage in honor killings, but not nearly to the same degree.  Unlike other cultures, Muslims have brought the practice here.
    • Many victims are tortured
    • In North America, 91% of honor killings arise from female family members becoming ‘too Westernized’, not sexual behavior, e.g., taking non-Muslims as friends.  Females adopting Western ways and dress means the males have lost control over the family.

Week 9 (10/30/18)
The Crime of Covering Up Sharia CrimeThe purge and sanitization of sharia training described in previous webinars have resulted in law enforcement officers (LEOs) being unable to name a single sharia crime or, indeed, to describe sharia at all.  Here are three sharia crimes: honor violence (HV), forced marriage (child brides), and female genital mutilation (FGM). (Sorry, but these are facts, not ‘racial profiling’.)Honor Violence (HV)

  • Examples include the Muslim Buffalo TV executive who beheaded his wife who had filed for divorce.
  • Other motivations for HV include female family members becoming too Westernized, refusing to wear the hijab, dating non-Muslim boys, and (in 12% of cases) sexual activity.
    • Apostasy and conversion to other faiths are often motivations
  • LE needs to recognize that HV is different from ordinary domestic violence. Differences include:
    • The unique dynamic of acting to remove family shame and reclaim family honor, which is missing in ordinary domestic violence cases.
    • The religious motivation and obsession Muslim men have with restoring family honor.  This leads them to hunt down their intended victims who flee.  It also meant, in one case, that a pregnant daughter who killed her unborn child was still subject to honor killing herself.  There is nothing the intended victim can do to remove shame; she must be killed.   The intended victims have betrayed tradition; you will hear Muslim males make statements like ‘nothing is more important to me than restoring my family’s honor.’
    • Overkill (repeated stabbings, multiple gunshots) and body mutilation
    • Domestic violence is often spontaneous, while honor killings are carefully planned with several family members commonly involved in the planning process.
    • The guilty knowledge, acquiescence, and even active participation of other family members in planning and executing honor killings differentiates these cases from domestic violence cases (80% of honor killings involve multiple perpetrators).  Other family members are often accomplices in honor killings.  They, and Muslim observers, will commonly ‘valorize’ HV as a good thing.
    • There is a code of silence on the part of those involved in honor killings.
    • The perpetrators have no sense they have violated the law, while domestic abusers usually know full well they will face criminal charges.  Indeed, the HV perpetrators feel they are upholding the law (sharia).
    • There is no such thing as women’s equality in Islam.  Women can’t just take the children and leave.  There is no room in sharia for that.  Men are the custodians of women (Quran 4:34).  So Muslim men can beat their wives for disobedience.
    • Muslims blame the victims in HV cases, leading to preposterous statements like: ‘the daughters who were killed pulled the trigger themselves, not the father who killed them.’  Again, this goes back to the religious underpinnings of HV.
    • HV victims have no institutionalized support network, nor can they turn to their families for help.
    • Muslim religious leaders are complicit.  They commonly try to get the intended victims to change behavior.
    • Families committing honor killings often attend mosques that have ties to terror.
    • Because LE is often ignorant of honor/shame culture, it will often fail to recognize a situation as an honor killing or otherwise fail to connect the dots while investigating.  Forced suicides to defend family honor sometimes go unrecognized and cases are closed as mere suicides.
    • LE ignorance of HV dynamics often leads to young females being returned to their families who have made deliberately misleading statements about how it’s all a big misunderstanding, etc.  LE often cooperates with families seeking the whereabouts of their runaway daughters.  Muslims know this and exploit the default position of LE and social workers that it’s best to reunite the family.  LE often doesn’t realize that female runaways are in danger if returned to the home. This ignorance has disastrous consequences for the intended victims.  Placement with Child Protective Services is often the only real answer in HV cases, but Muslims tend to sue over such placements. It’s a real problem what to do with the intended victims.  LE should NOT contact the intended victims at home, but go to their school to meet with them instead.
    • Political correctness and Muslim advocacy seek to blur the differences between HV and domestic violence.  Despite the very real differences, there is an attempt to classify all HV as domestic violence, employing the propaganda line that ‘Muslims should not be singled out’.  Unfortunately, there are already examples of LE submitting to political correctness.  In Tempe, Arizona, LE later admitted they feared Muslim reprisal if they classified a case as an honor killing.
    • The courts are not helping.  Judges sometimes accept ‘cultural incompetence’ as a defense.  Instead of applying the law equally to all, judges will excuse HV in some cases because the perpetrator ‘didn’t know any better.’  [Editor’s Note – whatever happened to ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’?]  This can lead to absurd results like courts accepting the Muslim notion that there can be no rape inside of marriage; Muslim males are entitled to sex on demand from their wives, no matter what, and judges are buying it.

Forced Marriage (child brides)

  • HV can occur when daughters refuse a forced marriage.
  • These marriages are often pedophilia (child brides).  Not every state has a law setting a minimum age for marriage.
  • In one case, the perpetrator killed the family of the groom the daughter wanted to marry.
  • In line with Islam’s granting custody of women to men, marriage is a transfer of ownership from one man to another.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

  • FGM is performed to control the libido of females so they will remain virgins until they are forced to marry.  Thus, FGM ties back to family honor and partially explains why there is such resistance to assimilation to Western norms among Muslim immigrants.
  • LE is usually unaware that FGM is a federal crime (18 U.S. Code Section 116).  In 2013, transporting anyone overseas for FGM became a federal crime.  LE is not getting this training.
  • 150K-200K girls in the U.S. are at risk for FGM.
  • A crazy statement from HHS, erroneously proclaiming that FGM has no link to Islam, shows the depth of misunderstanding / deception on this issue.
  • The ACLU opposes the criminalization of FGM. 
  • There have only been 2 state prosecutions for FGM.  Not every state has a law, and laws vary in scope.
  • The federal prosecution underway in Detroit involves up to 100 victims.  Many Muslims have traveled to Detroit from other states for FGM.
  • There are so few prosecutions in part because the crimes routinely go unreported.  Young girls are told to remain silent or else, and family members are complicit.  It’s rare for a third party to report FGM.
  • FGM practitioners often have no medical training and don’t use antibiotics or pain killers.  Complications often ensue, including hemorrhaging and even death.
  • For more information, go to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation website.

Advice to Law Enforcement

  • Don’t buy the religious freedom excuse.
  • Take allegations seriously.
  • Take indications that a girl is about to be transported overseas for FGM seriously (‘vacation cutting’).
  • Look for overkill and body mutilation as tip-offs your case is an honor killing.
  • Be prepared for pushback from Muslim religious leaders for ordinary enforcement actions.
  • Vet your translators; some will be aiding and abetting the perpetrators.

What Can I Do?

  • Get anti-FGM legislation in the many states that don’t already have it.  Legislation should include mandatory reporting requirements for healthcare professionals who see FGM cases. 
  • Lift the news blackout on sharia crimes.  Encourage writers and talk show hosts you know to report on sharia crimes.

Closing Thought

  • Because there is such ignorance of sharia crimes and lack of enforcement of existing laws, this puts an unfair burden on victims.  They have to make herculean efforts to defend themselves (e.g., putting spoons in their underwear to trip airport metal detectors on their way out of the country for FGM).  They deserve a better shake from law enforcement.