Socialist/Marxist Stacey Abrams Dangerous to Georgia!


Look at who the supporters are and you will find what the candidate truly believes.  It is a good indicator of the plans and policies that will be implemented once in office!

Stacey Abrams Supporters:

Linda Sarsour, whose been marched out as the role model for the “women’s” movement while wearing the hijab that is a symbol of oppression and control of women!  Who promoted Jihad against President Trump this year at the ISNA convention.  Who is antisemitic and states Sharia is “misunderstood”.

Planned Parenthood, that has been caught selling baby parts.  Pro-abortion, not a womens health support agency, but a basic destruction of human life!  Included with this video is another favorite name, Valerie Jarrett, who was Barack Obama’s right hand Marxist/Jihadist!

Eric Holder, who stated when “they go low, we kick them”.  Promoting violence against anyone who disagrees with them!  Included here you see & hear the support from Socialists Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama! All of these names have proven themselves to be willing to destroy America and do all they can to wave their power over you, making you bow down to evil!

Steve Philips, communist billionaire whose funding numerous candidates.  Whose background has proven to be very dangerous, as referenced here.

Tom Steyer, billionaire who is forever trying to spread his wealth in an effort to get President Trump impeached… and he doesn’t care how! “… met privately with former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams…” to discuss his donations and her alignment to join his effort.

Stacey Abrams policies and plans for Georgia (not a complete list):

  • Abortions on demand
  • Gun Control
  • Sanctuary State – Welcoming the latest caravans, which include terrorists and gangs
  • Free healthcare for illegals
  • Free tuition for everyone
  • Remove Voter ID – So Everyone can VOTE, EVEN ILLEGALS and Felons!
  • Reinforce Common Core, ramp it up even more in all schools
  • Raise your taxes to cover all the “free” stuff, even though she can NOT pay her own!
  • Is Anti-Trump, and has said she believes in impeaching President Trump

Stacey Abrams Voting Record:

For those that continue to try and defend Stacey Abrams, here is a short list of her voting record. It is all public record.

This is things she voted against. It will show her beliefs.

1. She voted against every concealed carry bill HB 280, 859, 60, 875, 512, 89

2. Against reporting felonies on campus 3/01/17 HB51

3. Against defunding colleges for sanctuary campuses 2/22/17 HB37

4. Against allowing religious officials from denying ceremonies against their beliefs. 3/16/16 HB757

5. Against not allowing undocumented immigrants from serving in local government. 2/26/16 HB781

6. Against regulations of juvenile abortions.2/17/16 HB555

7. Against requiring insurance to terminally ill patients. 3/13/15 HB429

8. Against preventing increase in state income tax. 3/18/14 SR415

9. Against 10 commandment monuments at the capital. 3/3/14 HB702

10. Against state immigration enforcement. 3/4/13 HB125, 87

11. Against drug test for welfare recipients.3/29/12 HB861

12. Against allowing to buy insurance outside of the state. 4/14/11 HB47

13. Against citizenship status verification for government assistance. 4/3/09 HB2

14. Against requirements of proof of citizenship for voting. 4/3/09 SB86

15. Against seizing vehicles from undocumented immigrant drivers.4/4/08 HB978

16. Against English being the official language of Georgia. 2/26/08 HB413

17. Against restrictions of sex offenders working around children. 1/29/08 HB908

This is all public records. If you’re for illegal immigration, against gun rights, against religious liberty and for more taxes and allowing sex offenders close to children then she is your candidate.

Just a few more video’s you need to see to be an educated voter: