Major new project in the works but I need your help!


Source:, by Leo Hohmann

Greetings and happy Sunday my friends!

You may have noticed I’ve been churning out few posts over the last couple of months. That’s because I have been busy formulating in my mind, and actually starting to map out a new book that would serve as a powerful follow up to Stealth Invasion.  I’ve assigned it a working title of The Interfaith Deception.

The problem as I see it is most of us in the West, when we think of the threat of Islam, still think of terrorism, the sword, and ruthless chopping off of heads.

That’s not where the real threat lies.

My goal is to provide a wake-up call to the Western Church, imploring believers to take Islam more seriously and to step up and challenge this religion on its many false and deceptive teachings. Islam is not “just another religion” as it tries to present itself to gullible Westerners. In our loosey-goosey modern culture people don’t know what to believe and have forgotten where we came from in terms of our spiritual heritage.

Islam thrives in this kind of environment. If we don’t step up our game, if we don’t get through to the pastors, parents and school teachers, I truly believe we are in for some really dark times ahead.

So it’s time to put up or shut up. And we may only have two years, six at the most, to get our message out.

If we fail, look for Islam to fill the spiritual void and make a long march through Europe, the United States and all of the formerly Christian West. I don’t blame Muslims for this. I blame us, the apostate, slothful, lukewarm Church. And our friends in the Muslim world will not need to use terrorism or violence to pull this off. We will hand over to them the keys to the kingdom. We’ve already opened the gates, which I detailed in my first book, Stealth Invasion.

The Trojan Horse is already here, in our cities, states and nation. We must confront the deceptions and clever lies being woven by Islamic leaders if we are going to stop the hordes from bursting out of that fake horse overwhelming our culture. That’s how it is already playing out before our very eyes in many Western European nations, including Germany, the U.K. and France.

The current approach to Islam, in most of our churches, is for Christian leaders to either ignore Islam, the five-thousand pound elephant in the room, or seek to find “common ground” with it. This is done by entering into “dialogues” which focus on areas of agreement [as if there are any], while avoiding the core issues in which Islam promotes truly anti-Christ values and belief systems.

Pastors and leaders, from Pope Francis on down, who engage Islam in this way are sending mixed signals, at best, to the millions of church members, lulling them to sleep and leading them into deception about something much bigger than any of us can really comprehend going forward. If you want to know where we are heading, talk to an Eastern Christian from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey or Pakistan and ask them what it’s like living in those countries as a follower of Christ.

The main thesis of my forthcoming book is that Islam is not nearly as big of a threat in terms of violence and terrorism, which can kill the body, as it is in terms of spiritual violence that is capable of killing the soul of every spiritually weak Christian.

If not dealt with honestly and effectively on the spiritual plane, we will be left helpless to stop a revived and emboldened Islam from making a long march through Western Civilization, dominating and ruling over us in what will turn out to be a new dark age for future generations of Christians.

Make no mistake, Christians will be driven underground if Islam continues to work unchallenged with its allies on the godless left to first marginalize true Christians and eventually purge them from all positions of influence in our society. That includes teachers, journalists, law enforcement officers and government leaders. The purging has already begun — I have experienced it personally as a journalist — and the pressure will continue to increase on Christians in these key fields if we do not speak up and stand for truth while also engaging in intercessory prayer for our cities, counties, states and nation.

If any of my friends reading this feel like a book of this nature is needed and can contribute a small amount per month to help fund this writing project, I would be eternally grateful. A book like this will take about six months to complete. If you cannot contribute financially please commit to praying for this effort if you feel it worthy. I would be honored just to have your prayer support, asking God to provide according to His will if He wants this project to proceed.

You can use the Paypal button at the bottom of this page to donate or email me at and I will provide my address if you prefer to send a check.

For anyone who contributes $30 or more, I will send you a signed copy of Stealth Invasion.

Onward and upward in the peace and truth of Christ!