IDF Destroying Hezbollah Terror Tunnels


Source: Damon Rosen Reporting from Israel

The Iranian backed terror organization spent millions of dollars digging tunnels from Lebanon, into Israel, for the purpose of murdering and kidnapping Israeli civilians and military personnel, and to seize control of the Northern Galilee (where I live). The UN is SUPPOSED to prevent Hezbollah from operating in Southern Lebanon, but has repeatedly turned a blind eye to their presence and activities, all in violation of UN Resolution 1701. UNIFIL put more effort into observing the IDF destroy tunnels, than it has observing Hezbollah build them. If and when Israel is forced to take military action against the terror group, the same UN will then condemn Israel for doing the job it failed to do itself.

Thank you, to the Men & Women of the IDF, at least we can depend on you for our security.

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