What a Billion Muslims Believe – Part 1: Do Muslims Want to Live Under Sharia?


This four-part documentary (37 min) considers global, Muslim beliefs and practices as they relate to security, terrorism, and the potential threat to Western culture.

The data is compiled from extensive polls conducted in 39 countries by Pew Research. For more information, see the original report, published by the Muslim Global Demographic Project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yxai…

Part 1: Do Muslims Want to Live Under Sharia?
Part 2: Does Sharia Conflict with Human Rights?
Part 3: Do Muslims Support Terrorism?
Part 4: What Does Religious Devotion Have to Do With Sharia and Immigration?

Also from Kinetoscope microProductions: “Through the Lens of Muhammad’s Life: How the Example and Teachings of Muhammad Shape Islam Today.”

This full-length documentary traces the origin of modern Islamic doctrines and practices from the life of Muhammad himself. It also explains some of the apparent contradictions we find in Islam (e.g., between peace and the use of violence). https://youtu.be/YtKJpahyC10

Topics covered (43 minutes):
1. Muhammad’s Authority
2. From Peaceful Persuasion to Violent Extremism
3. Magnanimity, Generosity, and Mercy
4. Jihad (Holy War) for the Cause of Islam
5. Jews, Christians, and Pagans Under Islam
6. The Roots of Jewish Hatred
7. Marriage and Women
8. Slavery in Islam
9. The Enigmatic Muhammad