Iron Dome batteries in Greater Tel Aviv and the South against possible hostilities

An Iron Dome Missile Battery seen near Tel Aviv on July 15, 2018. Photo by Ben Dori/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** öáà öäØì áñéñ ëéôú áøæì úì àáéá

Source: Debka File, January 24, 2019

Growing concern is reported by DEBKAfile’s military sources in Israel’s government and IDF command that Iran is planning to instigate coordinated escalations of violence on its northern and southern fronts.  

In the last few hours, statements from both Tehran and Damascus indicate that Iran has decided on a powerful response to the Israeli air and ground missile strikes on Monday, Jan. 21 against its facilities in and south of Damascus. Officials in Tehran are saying  that the Fatteh-110 ground missile launched against the Israeli Hermon north of the Golan – and shot down – was an inadequate a response to those assaults and Israel deserved harsher punishment.