The global threat that is hitting Europe hard


Source: Israel Unwired, By Phil Schneider – February 11, 2019 

When we think of the various radical Islamic organizations that threaten the world, we usually think about ISIS or Al Qaeda. But there is one very important force that actually threatens the world in a major way that is often overlooked. The Hizbullah. They do not only stockpile a massive amount of weapons on Israel’s northern border. They are also working to take over the Lebanese government, and spread their criminal activity across the entire Western world. The terrorists tap into the drug smuggling trade in order to fund their terrorist activities in the Middle East.

The Drugs-Terror Connection

In Germany, they are now well aware of the massive cocaine smuggling market that comes largely from the Hizbullah. But it is not just drugs, but weapons too. Ambassador Ron Prosor, who speaks German, explains that there is an enormous amount of money laundering that goes around the entire world. It is all run via global terrorists that are based in Iran and Lebanon. The Hizbullah makes it perfectly clear what they are doing. Germany is aware of this, but chooses to not be strict on the Hizbullah. Due to this decision, the German government has made a move that endangers the entire European continent and the entire world.

Ambassador Prosor claims that without the money stream that the Hizbullah has between Germany and Lebanon, the Hizbullah activity in Europe would gradually dry up. We should take heed and support him in this.