Sharia Crime Showcase – Banaz Honor Killing, Allah Hates Banaz/ God Loves Banaz


A Sharia “Honor” killing by a father who felt Allah was dishonored by his daughter Banaz. The father “arranged” the killing within his family to regain Allah’s honor. This is not unusual, it is trained, ingrained, and required by Islam’s mob mentality, the crime syndicate family honor code that is part of Sharia.

Banaz begged for help from the local police and they failed her because they could NOT identify the core values driving this hate, driving this requirement for death! Allah hated Banaz, so the family took steps to follow Allah’s mandate. God loves Banaz, but she never got the chance to know and feel that love. Sharia Crime Stoppers is an educational source, offering free training to recognize and respond to the Sharia threats in our communities.

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