SCS Action Line: Trevor Loudon – The Enemies Within the Church

Trevor Loudon: This documentary will expose, name the names and organizations of whom are at work to undermine the Christian Church and destroy it’s foundations.

How Could It Be That My Church is a Marxist Church Committed to Inter-Faith?

Researcher Trevor Loudon Names Names and Provides the Evidence

How can you listen to Trevor Loudon, Tom Trento, or this discussion that speaks about the Marxists amongst us, who are now leading many churches and NOT question what you are hearing in your own church? Or are you a member of a “Home Church”, because your Pastor or Priest tried to convince you that global warming, welcoming illegal’s and the LGBT crowd, and the dangers of white privilege are more important messages than Christ’s word, more important than the Gospels? If you are in a Home Church, then you are a stronger Christian than most. Or you are blessed to have a leader that refuses to conform to the Marxist push to take over your congregation.

Listen to this discussion with Trevor Loudon and the hosts of Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line to learn where it started and how far it’s penetrated all faiths!

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