Polygamy Lectures by NY Cleric: It Is Healthy Competition for Women, “Major Jihad” to Fight Jealousy


This clip is a compilation of lectures and statements made by New York cleric Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer on the subject of polygamy that were uploaded to the Internet. In a Q&A session that was uploaded on February 1, 2019, Ibn Muneer said that polygamy is “healthy competition” for women because they must make sure their “game is tight” and that it’s a sign of weakness if a man asks permission from his first wife to marry a second wife. Ibn Muneer said that women must avoid acting “petty” and scornful regarding their husband’s other wives. In a different Q&A session that was uploaded on January 30, 2019, Ibn Muneer discussed women who say that polygamy is not for them, saying: “It is what it is… Do you submit to the legislation of Allah or not? Period.” He explained that women used to be happy to have a co-wife around to help them or to tend to the man’s wounds and clean his bloody armor when he returns from Jihad. In a video that was uploaded on December 25, 2016, Ibn Muneer said that marrying a second wife is a means for men to protect their chastity and that it is a “major Jihad” for women to fight their jealousy of their co-wives and make themselves smaller to the “bigger picture” of Islam and shari’a. In the first video in a three-part series of videos titled “Polygamy in Light Of Kitaab and Sunnah,” which was uploaded on January 24, 2015, Mufti Ibn Muneer said that the opinion that polygamy is bad is the result of the assertion of Western moral values on conquered peoples. He also said there is something wrong with a Muslim woman’s faith if she tells her husband to not get a second wife. In the second video in the series, which was uploaded on February 1, 2015, Ibn Muneer said that polygamy causes women to look their best, prepare the best food, and prepare baths for their husbands no matter how miserable they are feeling since they are in constant competition with other wives. He said: “You cannot do what you want to do [or] say what you want to say to your husband because there are other people involved.” Ibn Muneer, whose full name is Muhammad Ibn Muneer AbdulHameed, was born in Philadelphia in 1984 to Muslim convert parents. He holds a Master’s Degree in Hadith from the Islamic University of Medina. His YouTube channel, Hadith Disciple, has over 11,000 subscribers and almost 2,400 videos, and he has a second YouTube channel, Mufti Q&A, which has over 11,000 subscribers and more than 700 videos. A YouTube video in which Ibn Muneer discusses his story has over 43,000 views, and he recently went on speaking tours in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. Several times a week, he live-streams lectures and Q&A sessions in which he answers questions from viewers from all over the world. He is currently the imam of Ahlis-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah in Queens, NY. For more from Mufti Ibn Muneer, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 6772 and No. 6894.