SCS Action Line: Assyrian Christian, Nahren Anweya: “Ilhan, I Will Not Stop Until You Resign!”


“Ilhan, I Will Not Stop Until You Resign!”

Nahren Anweya, Assyrian Christian American Woman, originally from Iraq and witness of the Christian Genocide, the Christian and Jewish extinction that is happening in the Middle East, who is Courageous and Brave Enough to Confront MN Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar:

“Your Anti-Semitism is Unacceptable! What is More Unacceptable is All the American Congressmen and Senators Supporting You, Knowing What is Happening in Your MN 5th District”, America’s Terrorist Recruitment Capital!

Nahren discusses the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition, their work to stop the Sharia-sanctioned crimes against women and children, and their support for President Trump in 2020.

Nahren tells us how her organization begged the Obama administration for help to stop the Christian genocide in Iraq and Syria, with no response! And how President Trump has done what he promised!

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