Sharia Crime Stoppers: Enemies Within The Catholic Church with Liz Yore, Part 2


This is Part 2 of a 4 Part series that is being presented, Tuesday nights, 7pm ET (March 19 – April 9, 2019).

Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: Liz Yore, Cliff Kincaid, and Frank Walker. Discussing how the Pope is a Marxist, how the Catholic churches are preaching “Social Justice” and not Biblical theology. How Pope Francis’ church is morally corrupt, how he is leading Marxism inside the church!

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Sources and References from our guests tonight:

Books to read:
Leo Hohmann – Stealth Invasion
Robert Spencer – Stealth Jihad
Robert Spencer – Not Peace, But a Sword
James V. Schall, S.J. – On Islam
P. David Gaubatz – Muslim Mafia
Paul Sperry – Infiltration
Brigitte Gabriel – Because They Hate
George Neumayr – The Political Pope
St. Thomas Aquinas Contra Gentiles

Cliff Kincaid:
Frank Walker:

The United West
Center for Security Policy
Jihad Watch
Gatestone Institute
Clarion Project
Crises Magazine

Understanding The Threat To America Parts I & II
Hijrah-a Documentary, by Paul Nehlen
A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing-

Documentary Books and Monographs at the Center for Security Policy:
“An Explanatory Memorandum from the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America”
“Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America” by Ann Corcoran
“Bridge Building to Nowhere, the Catholic Church’s Case Study in Interfaith Delusion” by Stephen Coughlin
“What Keith Ellison doesn’t want you to Know: A Radical Marxist-Islamist, His Association
Trevor Loudon: “Agenda” and “Enemies Within”

William Kilpatrick, Thu Mar 1, 2018 -Letter to USCCB chairman: ‘Islamophobia’ doesn’t apply to Christians in Egypt…

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