SCS Action Line: Katie Hopkins – Where is the Homeland for Displaced Americans?

Katie Hopkins' Facebook page. Screenshot

International journalist, filmmaker, and Mom, Katie Hopkins warns that if we continue on the trajectory we are on, there will be displaced Americans.

In Western Europe, a silent exodus is underway; Jews are leaving in search of a new homeland, a place where they can live safe from the Islamic-sanctioned mass-murder being allowed to happen by their Jew-hating Marxist governments.

Katie tells us about an elderly Jewish woman living in France who survived the Holocaust only to be thrown from her balcony while the attackers called her a “Dirty Jew”. And, a Rabbi tells Katie that she is in more danger than he because he has a place to go… where does Katie and pretty much any Christian or non-Muslim go to feel safe from these animals?

Katie’s latest documentary, Homelands, tells the story that is not being told.

This begs the question where will the other target of Sharia-sanctioned mass-murder, namely Christians, go when it’s their time to find a new homeland?

How much longer will Jews and Christians be safe in Sharia-favoring states like Minnesota and Michigan? Where will they go? Where would you go?

PLEASE help Katie to get her documentary finished, distributed, and shared everywhere. She can be contacted via Twitter here: @KTHopkins