The Enemies Within the Church, 4 Part Series


To what degree has the Judeo-Christian foundation of America, our Churches, been infiltrated by the Enemy?  Who is the “Enemy”?  The Marxists/Islamists (Red-Green Alliance), with a plan to destroy Christianity, to finally destroy America!

What are the implications for the survival of America as the Land of the Free for the Faithful Followers of Jesus and Moses?

SCS presented a 4-part series, Tuesday nights, 7pm ET, describing the infiltration by the Red-Green Alliance into all faiths, to bring down America.  A panel discussion each week discussing the details of how it happened across the faiths and how the enemy is taking them over.

Week 1 – Tuesday, March 19th, 7pm ET: Trevor Loudon, researcher, author and filmmaker, will address the infiltration of our churches with facts and evidence. 

The final 3 in the series addresses the Enemies Within the Catholic, Evangelical and Jewish faith communities, respectively.

Week 2 – Tuesday, March 26th, 7pm ET:  : Catholic child abuse attorney Liz Yore will host a panel of Catholics to address the threat of Marxist leadership within the Church with a special emphasis on Pope Francis, his Anti-Trump agenda, and the child abuse and gay priest scandals.

Week 3 – Tuesday, April 2nd, 7pm ET:  Journalist and author Leo Hohmann will host Ex-Muslim Christian Pastor Shahram Hadian and DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney to address the threat of the Interfaith movement that has seduced well-known Evangelical leaders into the deadly world of moral equivalence with Islam.

Week 4 – [UPDATE] Tuesday, April 9th, 7pm ET: Activist and journalist, Janet Levy will host a panel of Jews to address the impact of Non-Jewish Jews who tolerate Anti-semitism and attack Trump’s support of Israel.  [NOTE:  YT flagged this video in our series from the moment we posted it.  It originally gave a pre-warning and allowed it to play.  They have since deleted it.  Without warning, without reasons why, and with no recourse.  This video had no swearing, no violence, no threats to anyone.  BUT… they deleted it because we told the truth!]

UPDATE: We have been able to load it to Vimeo to return it to viewership. 
UPDATE #2:  Vimeo determined The United West were “haters” and cancelled our video account. We now have it loaded to Bitchute here: