Sharia Crime Stoppers : TUESDAY’S, 7PM ET – The Enemies Within Series – CONTINUES!


Sharia Crime Stoppers is keeping our Tuesday night webinars going… PLEASE continue to join us, Tuesday nights, 7pm Eastern.

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Our next 3 Tuesday’s (April 16th, 23rd, and 30th) are planned as follows:

April 16th, 7:00 pm Eastern, America Under Siege
Worldview Weekend Host Brannon Howse Interviews SCS Co-Founder and retired Police Chief, David Bores.  At the end of the interview, Brannon & David will be live for Q&A.  

Why are police and sheriff departments increasingly afraid to have their officers and deputies trained in the truth about Islam? 

Why are we apparently in a period of pause in terrorist attacks in America? How does the occasional terrorist attack benefit the Muslim Brotherhood in its infiltration of our local and state governments as well as federal government?

A few years ago, France had closed down between 100 and 160 mosques in which military grade weapons were found. Why would mosques have such weapons and can one expect that this is the practice in America?

How many Islamic training camps are there in America? Should Americans be concerned about terrorist attacks on American schools?

April 23rd, 7:00 pm Eastern, HOMELAND by Katie Hopkins

The story of people who once called the land they grew up in and celebrated life their HOMELAND, now forced to search for a new place to call home. Katie Hopkins walks us through what is happening in Europe. Is it now happening in America? Canada? And elsewhere?

Western Europe, a silent exodus is underway; Jews are leaving in search of a new homeland, a place where they can live safe from the Islamic-sanctioned mass-murder being allowed to happen by their Jew-hating Marxist governments. Katie’s latest documentary, Homelands, tells the story that is not being told anywhere!

This begs the question where will the other target of Sharia-sanctioned mass-murder, namely Christians, go when it’s their time to find a new homeland?

How much longer will Jews and Christians be safe in Sharia-favoring states like Minnesota and Michigan? Where will they go?

Where would you go?

April 30th, 7:00pm Eastern, The Enemies Within the Church Must Be Defeated

Trevor Loudon, Liz Yore, Leo Hohmann, and Janet Levy

The Catholic, Evangelical and Jewish Remnant Army Preparing for the Spiritual Warfare That Can Save America!

May 7th, 7:00pm Eastern, (Still in Work)

To what degree has the Judeo-Christian foundation of America, been infiltrated by the Enemy?

What are the implications for the survival of America as the Land of the Free?