Enemies Within – Brannon Howse interviews David Bores, What You Should Know in Your Community!



Worldview Weekend Founder and Host, Brannon Howse, interviews Sharia Crime Stoppers Co-Founder and retired Police Chief, David Bores. Included with the interview was a “live” Q&A with both Brannon & David at the end.

Training to recognize the threats to America make these questions key ones to ask your law enforcement: Why are police and sheriff departments increasingly afraid to have their officers and deputies trained in the truth about Islam?

Why are we apparently in a period of pause in terrorist attacks in America? How does the occasional terrorist attack benefit the Muslim Brotherhood in its infiltration of our local and state governments as well as federal government?

A few years ago, France had closed down between 100 to 160 mosques in which military grade weapons were found. Why would mosques have such weapons and can one expect that this is the practice in America?

How many Islamic training camps are there in America? Should Americans be concerned about terrorist attacks on American schools?

Watch this interview to hear where the penetration of the enemy has gone and what you can do to engage your local law enforcement, community leaders, school boards, and community officials.

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