The coming convergence of Islam and Christianity

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in flames on Monday, April 15, 2019. Photo/Getty Images

Source: Leo Hohmann, by Leo Hohmann, April 2019

With astonishing speed and amazing efficiency, the French government declared early Tuesday morning that the fire which had largely consumed the magnificent, 850-year-old Cathedral of Notre Dame was a mere “accident.”

That’s right: Before investigators had even been cleared to enter the smoldering ruins of the Western World’s most iconic Christian symbol, they had already ruled out the possibility of arson.

I am not saying that any person or group should be blamed for this fire without proof. What I am saying, is that the French government’s absurdly quick action in determining the cause makes a mockery of the concept of an honest investigation. Such malfeasance in carrying out due diligence could easily backfire.

Without an honest and transparent investigation, people will always look at the burning of Notre Dame as a monumental conspiracy. Fill in the blank as to who you want to make responsible for the devastation because the French wimped out and declared it an accident before any investigative procedures could have been employed.

It begs the question: Why were the French so eager to sweep this fire under the rug of history?

This looks like a clear case of fear to me. Fear of what, you ask? Well, think about it.

Just for the sake of argument, let’s say that a real investigation gets underway and turns up proof of a Muslim plot to burn down the nation’s most famous Christian shrine. [And there has been a disturbing pattern of arsonists targeting hundreds of Christian churches in France over the last few years, including 10 in a one-week period last month].

With nearly 10 percent of its population now Muslim, France would quickly devolve into chaos. Police would launch a nationwide manhunt for the Muslim arsonists. Muslims would be out in the streets, burning and defacing more churches, cemeteries, anything that stands as a symbol of Christian France. Priests and pastors might be kidnapped and killed. Regular Frenchmen, feeling threatened, might strike back, possibly burning down mosques in retaliation.

The last thing President Macron wants is to take a chance that a thorough forensic investigation could spark a civil war. You can hardly blame him. But show me a nation that has lost the will, for whatever reason, to enforce the rule of law and lost faith in its ability to blindly apply justice, and I will show you a nation that has already been conquered.

And it’s not just France.

Most of the Western elites who control the governments across Europe and North America are in the same boat. After decades of importing Muslim migrants to replace the millions of children who were never born because of abortion and “family planning,” these Western nations face a problem of their own making and it’s called Islamic immigration.

Their native populations are getting restless as they discover that their globalist leaders have been lying to them all these years. Islam is not content with its role of being the new “work force” that props up the economies of Germany, France, Belgium and Britain. The nature of Islam is to politically dominate wherever it is given a foothold.

Yet, the Western political class are increasingly reticent to confront Islam when its violent side spills out into the open. This is why France, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany have all become increasingly anti-Israel in recent years. They don’t want to offend their growing Muslim populations. They must bow to this foreign religious ideology, or risk violence in the streets.

The elites need a way out of this dilemma because right-wing parties are quickly gaining strength, and before long these European countries will all have their own versions of Donald Trump to contend with. That’s the last thing they want. They need an out, a way to save face with native European voters while somehow also giving their new Muslim citizens the feeling that they have a seat at the table of political power.

They can’t go on indefinitely with Muslims and Christians, representing opposing cultural values and worldviews, living in the same cities and growing further apart by the day. The current model is not sustainable.

That’s where the interfaith movement comes into play.

Some of the world’s most prominent Muslims are working on a plan that they hope will offer the secular elites in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia-New Zealand some relief. Give them a “third way” that will lead to peace and security for all.

The hope is that this third way provides Western elites with an opportunity to stave off a complete Islamic takeover while accepting the most basic tenets of Islamic Sharia. This includes, first and foremost, an end to all Christian proselytizing of Muslims, and secondly, a silencing of all anti-Islam rhetoric in the public space. Any Christian who insists on pointing out the dark side of Islam will be silenced. That’s pretty much already been accomplished, to varying degrees, in the post-Christian, formerly-free Western nations. But Muslim leaders still put forth the “Islamophobia” meme in hopes of getting more out of the deal.

A pope and a king spinning lies

Two of the biggest players in this movement are Pope Francis and King Abdullah II of Jordan. Abdullah is promoting a new “convergence” of Islam with Christianity and some of the pope’s recent statements, such as his admonishment of Christians not to convert Muslims, seem like good cover for the king’s deceptions. The pope also recently signed a pact with a major Islamic leader in which God is said to be pleased by a “diversity of religions.”

Skip to the 8-minute mark of King Abdullah’s interview last year with Fareed Zakaria of CNN and you will hear some astonishing deceptions being offered up for Western ears.

In the above interview, you have King Abdullah, one of the world’s most important Muslim leaders, telling CNN that “Muslims believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, we believe in the holy virgin mother, and we believe in the Bible and the Torah, and I think that this is the way that all of us were brought up.”

Of course anyone who has studied Islam knows that Muslims believe nothing of the sort. If it were so, why are Muslims killing Christians throughout much of the world? Against this backdrop there is a serious movement afoot to merge the two religions.

That movement has in some circles been referred to as “Chrislam.”

Toward a global religion

Those pushing Chrislam received a boost in March 2017 when a side-event was held at the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 34th ordinary session in Geneva. The Arab-Muslim organizers of this conference, conducted under the auspices of the Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue, invited representatives from the Muslim and Christian regions of the world “to exchange their views on the convergence between Islam and Christianity.”

According to the official press release, the conference, titled “Islam and Christianity, the Great Convergence: Working Jointly Towards Equal Citizenship Rights,” was co-sponsored by the Permanent Missions of Algeria, Pakistan and Lebanon – three nations where the treatment of Christians is anything but equal and, in the case of Pakistan, is shamefully brutal.

Also present at the side-event was William Lacy Swing, the director general of the U.N.’s International Organization for Migration, “who highlighted the importance of recognizing the convergences of the Abrahamic religions – Islam and Christianity – in order to overcome religious divisions,” according to the press release.

The IOM’s director general said:

“We live today in turbulent and troubled times. There are many and loud voices that take perverse delight in drawing attention to what divides and splits our global community. In these circumstances, it is all too easy to forget that Islam and Christianity – two of the world’s three ancient Abrahamic monotheist religious traditions – have more in common than in contention.”

The goal of the Geneva Centre’s initiative, as described in the release, is to “highlight the many convergences that exist between Islam and Christianity, to recognize the potential of a ‘great convergence‘ between both religions, and to mitigate and to reverse the social polarization between affiliates of these two religions and the resulting marginalization of religious minorities, discrimination, xenophobia and violence.”

A special video message was delivered at the conference by none other than His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, the King’s son, who “highlighted the importance of fostering religious tolerance and inter-faith harmony between Christians and Muslims as well as intra-faith cohesion.”

Referring to the 2001 Brussels Declaration entitled “’The Peace of God in the World’ Towards Peaceful Coexistence and Collaboration Among the Three Monotheistic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”, His Royal Highness underscored the importance of bringing peace to the world and the need for peaceful co-existence between religious groups:

“The peace of God in the world, as it was put in the Brussels Declaration, is essentially what we seek when we speak about the participation of human capital: it is not only the peace of God, but it is also the peace of God’s children that we attempt to build, by speaking of a “levelling”, that is to say, of universal citizenship with universal values shared by all,” the Jordanian prince said.

“The fundamental common element about monotheistic religions is faith and confidence in the good, human-loving, compassionate, and merciful God. All of our religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam consider justice and peace as gifts and blessings from God,” he added.

St. Paul, the apostle of Christ, warned us in his letter to the Thessalonians that things we take for granted can be stolen away in an instant:

For when they say, ‘Peace and safety!’ then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.” [I Thessalonians 5:3]

I can’t help but wonder if God isn’t trying to tell us something with the tragic fall of the spires of the great cathedral. Like France, we in America know that our Christian house is on fire, or at least smoldering under the weight of sin and moral decay. Will we wait, like France, until it burns and crashes to the ground, and even then remain in denial, all because we could not bear the thought of calling on the heavenly Fire Chief to put out the flames?


Leo Hohmann is an freelance writer and journalist, author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” He is working on a follow-up that will investigate the Interfaith movement, which is ushering false and antichrist ideas into Western churches. If you would like to support this project, please consider a donation of any size.