Enemies Within Series: Enemies WITHIN the Church MUST BE DEFEATED!


Sharia Crime Stoppers presents prominent speakers across the Remnant Army: Trevor Loudon, Liz Yore, Leo Hohmann, and Bev Goldstein.

The REMNANT ARMY MUST get active, MUST educate, MUST challenge the status quo within the church that is focusing on Socialism first, Marxism next, then God. Then convincing the congregation the God wants it that way!

Some basic steps everyone can take:


STOP FEEDING THE DONATION PLATE WHEN THE ONLY MESSAGE BEING DELIVERED IS SOCIAL REFORM AND INTERFAITH ACCEPTANCE. This webinar recommends ACTION STEPS YOU can take to return your church or synagogue to Biblical and Torah practices.

Action Steps Recommended:

All Faiths:

  1. Approach your pastor, priest or rabbi privately and at an appropriate time, when he is able to hold a serious discussion. Tell him you are aware of the many interfaith efforts going on across your city or state and that you would like to know his opinion on our proper Christian response to the world’s fastest growing religion. 

Once you have his undivided attention try to get his answer to two very pivotal questions:  Do you believe Muslims and Christians worship the same god? And, if so, does that mean we should not share the gospel with Muslims?

His response will tell you everything about his view of the Bible, Islam and the current state of the Church.

  1. Write or call your Congressman and ask him/her if they support the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act. If so, what are they doing to help the president get this organization banned from America? If not, why?

Be prepared to educate if he/she says they don’t believe the Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

If they are supportive, encourage them to speak out on the issue publicly and educate their constituents, which will help the president get this policy change done!

Catholic Action Items

  1. Return to and deepen your prayer life, especially saying the Daily Rosary
  2. Turn off the financial support to the institutional Church, specifically: Peter’s Pence.
  3. Educate yourself on Islam, the Inter-Faith Dialogue, and Catholicism.

Use these 10 Questions (from Shahram Hadian at TIL Project.com) to speak to your spiritual leaders… their answers will be very enlightening where they stand on the Interfaith Dialogue going on in churches and synagogues.  These will help you to expose their belief in the Interfaith/Tri-faith/Chrislam devastation taking place in so many places of worship.:

1) Do you believe that Christians & Muslims worship the same God?

2) Do you believe that Islam is indeed an anti-Christ spirit? 

3) Do you believe that Islam is an Abrahamic Faith?

4) Do you support the “Common Word” document?

5) Do you believe in “bridge building” between Christians & Muslims?

6) Do you support “contextualizing” the Bible & Christianity in order to reach Muslims?

7) Is it prophetic for Israel to be back in its land?

8) Are you concerned with massive Muslim refugee resettlement?

9) Do you believe that we should contrast or seek similarities between Christianity & Islam?

10) Do you believe that Muslims correctly or incorrectly believe in Jesus as the Messiah?

Additional resources and links:

Books to read:

Leo Hohmann – Stealth Invasion
Robert Spencer – Stealth Jihad Robert Spencer – Not Peace, But a Sword
James V. Schall, S.J. – On Islam
P. David Gaubatz – Muslim Mafia
Paul Sperry – Infiltration
Brigitte Gabriel – Because They Hate
George Neumayr – The Political Pope
St. Thomas Aquinas Contra Gentiles


Cliff Kincaid: www.usasurvival.org
Frank Walker: www.canon212.com
The Remnant Newspaper: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php


The United West
Center for Security Policy
Jihad Watch
Gatestone Institute
Clarion Project
Crises Magazine


Understanding The Threat To America Parts I & II
Hijrah-a Documentary, by Paul Nehlen
A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
Sabotage, by Worldview Weekend and Brannon Howse

Documentary Books and Monographs at the Center for Security Policy:

“An Explanatory Memorandum from the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America” “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America” by Ann Corcoran
“Bridge Building to Nowhere, the Catholic Church’s Case Study in Interfaith Delusion” by Stephen Coughlin
“What Keith Ellison doesn’t want you to Know: A Radical Marxist-Islamist, His Association
Trevor Loudon: “Agenda” and “Enemies Within”


William Kilpatrick, Thu Mar 1, 2018 -Letter to USCCB chairman: ‘Islamophobia’ doesn’t apply to Christians in Egypt https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/…

Authors to follow:

Bruce Bawer
Liz Yore
Philip Haney
Leo Hohmann
Janet Levy
Trevor Loudon
Shahram Hadian
John Guandolo
Clare Lopez
Daniel Greenfield
William Kilpatrick