WATCH: Rashida Tlaib’s Family Ties to Islamic Terror


Source: Geller Report, by Pamela Geller, May 2, 2019

It is often said that you are a reflection of the company that you keep. If that is true, the fact that Rashida Tlaib is a member of congress should frighten every American.Top Venture Capital Firm Goes All-In On CryptoThe Legacy ReportSponsored by RevcontentFind Out More >

WATCH: Rashida Tlaib’s Family Ties to Islamic Terror, United With Israel, April 30, 2019

Rashida Tlaib’s mother belongs to the Tlaib family from the Palestinian village of Beita in Samaria, known as a hotspot for terrorism.

Her brother talks about Islamic dominance over Western countries, glorifies Hamas and makes anti-Jewish comments.

The facts about the US congress woman closest family members and associates are truly alarming.