Al-Aqsa Mosque (Old City of Jerusalem) Address: Islamic State Would Have Strategy of Jihad to Convert Infidels to Islam


Source: MEMRI

Palestinian cleric Sheikh Issam Amira said in an address he delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque (located in the Old City of Jerusalem) that an Islamic state would have a strategy that would consist of politicians and a powerful media apparatus for the purposes of “persuading infidels to embrace Islam.”

Sheikh Amira said that the first step would be to “soften” the infidels by calling them to Islam through the Internet, television, propaganda, and media and to show them how to implement Islam until they are “convinced.”

The second stage, Amira said, would be to send “seasoned politicians” and Islamic scholars to have “long discussions” with the infidels.

Amira then said that if the infidels are “bullheaded” and “constitute a valuable prize,” then the Caliph would give the “code word” – which Amira said would be “seek Allah’s help and fight them” – and the Islamic armies would set out with missiles and fighter jets in order to turn the stubborn infidels into a “lesson for the entire world.” The video was uploaded to the Internet on May 19, 2019.