NY Cleric: Circumcision Teaches Children One Must Be Willing to Spill Some Blood for Allah’s Shari’a


Source: MEMRI

In a video uploaded to the Hadith Disciple YouTube channel on May 19, 2019, popular New York cleric Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer discussed a ruling by an Islamic scholar that said that babies shouldn’t be circumcised immediately after being born so that they can feel the circumcision and so it can give them the “psychological message” of “bearing hardship and pain and implementing the shari’a.”

Ibn Muneer praised the profoundness of this ruling, saying that it is good for the child to learn that bloodshed and the “removal of skin” are part of Islam and that one must be willing to “spill some blood for Allah’s shari’a.”

The video was recorded in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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