Enemies Within Series: Tom Trento, John Guandolo, Philip Haney, and Clare Lopez report -What America Can Learn From Israel #WallsWork


May 28, 2019

Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: Tom Trento, John Guandolo, Philip Haney, Clare Lopez, and special guest: Dr. Danny Tirza    Reporting in FROM Israel!

  • Tom Trento, Executive Director of The United West and Co-Author, Shariah The Threat to America
  • John Guandolo, Former FBI, Founder – Understanding The Threat (UTT) and Author of 2 books located here.
  • Philip Haney, Founding Member of DHS and Author of See Something/Say Nothing
  • Clare Lopez, Former CIA Analyst, VP for Research & Analysis – Center for Security Policy (CSP) and co-author to many books available at CSP


Special Guest: Dr. Danny Tirza, Col. (res.) Dr. Danny Tirza headed the strategic and spatial planning unit of the IDF Central Command from 1994 to 2007, in charge of the formulation of Israel’s security positions in negotiations with the Palestinians. He served as the IDF’s chief architect for the West Bank Security Fence.  

Excerpt from: Forbes.com article, Feb 2017:

When it comes to planning a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico, the Trump Administration could learn a few things from Dany Tirza, the man who orchestrated Israel’s barriers on the West Bank and Sinai Peninsula. 

What did we learn from our contacts in Israel?

  • Israel is MUCH better at securing it’s borders.  Fences, Technology, Roads, Tunnel Technology to stop the underground penetration happening, and managing it all once in place.
  • Israel is MUCH better at understanding that it is so much more successful when they put the key people and national security organizations TOGETHER, COMMUNICATED amongst themselves, and worked as a TEAM for a universal success, benefiting all of Israel.
  • Israel has confirmed success in managing illegal crossings due to the efforts they put in place.  They have seen the reduction from 1,000/day crossing illegally, down to 0… NONE.  Of course, attempts are still happening, but none have been successful.
  • Terrorist threats still occur from all of Israel’s borders, but they have realized that it requires a NATIONAL  SOVEREIGNTY, proud nation, to keep it safe and secure.  Reports have told us that President Donald Trump has helped to bring out the sense of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY in Israel.  


The hope is that President Trump will learn from people like Dr. Danny Tirza, who actually sees what is needed and got it right for Israel.

Please watch and share this video.  Then contact your elected officials in Congress to ask them to see what Israel has accomplished.

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