SCS Action Line: Tabitha Korol Presents Festering Evil – Satan’s Sharia


Tabitha Korol, author and writer who details what is happening across America and the west to move us closer to Sharia compliant under Islam.  Her book, Confronting the Deception (available on Amazon), describes the evil that is promoted by Islam, the attacks and threats to all who don’t follow Islam.  You can find all of Tabitha’s articles on Renew America, but also many other websites as well.  The United West is now posting her articles.

Tonight, Tabitha Korol discusses – Festering Evil – Satan’s Sharia – What the WEST must know to stand against it.  She reads 2 of her articles that describe the life cycle a female under Sharia experiences.  It’s a generational cycle that MUST be broken!

I Take This Woman…” and  Pride of The Jihadi Mother

Tabitha is very detailed in telling us the life under oppression and slavery with little opportunity for escape and has coined a couple of key phrases:

The Jihadi mother will  ‘…produce these human “weapons of mass destruction.”‘  and  ‘The “Religion of Peace” offers no peace to women at any time’

Listen to the words as Tabitha reads them to us, then realize the EVIL OF WHAT YOU JUST HEARD!

Please share this and understand what could be living next door to you… down the street… playing with your children… attending your schools.    It’s an EVIL ideology, not a religion!

Get Active and here’s a couple of places to start:

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