Enemies Within Series: An Inside Look-Undercover Mosques


Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: An Inside Look at mosques preaching an ideology that is dangerous, deceptive, and threatens anyone who does NOT follow it! Watch and share this, along with the links referenced in it.

Link Referenced for viewing the full video – Undercover Mosquevideo:https://vimeo.com/72130964

That ideology, Sharia, demands compliance!  It  is NOT a request, but required of every Muslim who remains a follower.  It’s an ideology that refuses any other compliance AND anyone who refuses to follow Islam/Sharia are a target for conversion or death.  That conversion is NOT like any other religious request you may have experienced!

America is in danger of losing all that the Founding Fathers provided it. The entire WEST is losing freedoms and liberties daily from the encroachment of Sharia!  Why, because the ideology is penetrating all walks of life… churches/synagogues, schools, workplace, law enforcement, local to national political positions, etc.  And, Sharia is 100% against the U.S. Constitution!  Period, no discussion!   

Where is it preached?  In every mosque!  How strongly is it enforced… watch our video to see that it is required by everyone attending!  The video shown references the UK, but pay close attention to what is said and by whom.  Many appear to be from America… where are they today?


  1. We may not be able to keep this video available very long as we are now being targeted and blocked from telling the  truth!   So, please watch and share!
  2. Question asked during Q&A:  What do the colors on the map of the Dawoodi Bohra group controls 40 mosques in the U.S. mean?   Explanation & detail on the  Dawoodi Bohra Group controlled mosques in America are here:  https://clarionproject.org/pro-fgm-cultish-indian-cleric-controls-40-us-mosques/


CORRECTIONS ON THE VIDEO:  We reference U.S. Congressman Scott as our guest on the Friday 6/7 radio show.  It should have shown:  U.S. Congressman Scott Perry.  Our apologies to the Congressman.

Also, our webinar on Qatar – Blood Money with J. Michael Waller is actually scheduled for July 2nd, not the 7th.