Enemies Within Series: Enemies Within The Catholic Church


Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: The Enemies Within The Catholic Church

With Liz Yore, Cliff Kincaid, and Michael Hichborn who will tell us how the Catholic mass collection plate is funding everything from support for the illegals coming into America, to many liberal ideals, to the LGBT movement.

We learn that the major Catholic charities drive much of the corruption. One specific one coming up: Peter’s Pence will be asking you to donate. BUT… will the Pope make a church “tax” to ensure Rome gets the full amount expected, rather than the unknown donations people offer? We have started a petition to send a message. We hope you will consider signing.

Please sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/red-blooded-…

Donations to a corrupt church means you support the corruption. Time to STOP donating, Time to STAND UP to your church leadership and tell them you will NOT support the Socialism/Marxism/Islamism that is being preached, promoted, and paid for by your donations!

We recommend action steps you can take to have an impact in your church, your diocese, your community.