SCS Action Line: Jim Simpson, Author of Red-Green Axis 2.0 – An Existential Threat


An Existential Threat… to America and the World!   Jim tells us about the history behind it and who the key players are still working to destroy America!  AND… with  our own hand, from taxpayer funds to Marxists being voted in and planning MORE government take-over, MORE laws to take our freedoms away, MORE illegals to support them, MORE taxes to pay for it all, and LESS Constitutional rule of law!  We are a Constitutional Republic, they want a Marxist Democracy, controlling our every daily actions.   STOP IT NOW!

“The Red-Green open border globalists intend that the Principles of our Founding Fathers be subsumed by a tsunami of Muslims who refuse to assimilate, third world revolutionaries, and unskilled welfare seekers.

Jim Simpson expands on the agenda and elements of the Red-Green Axis, that otherwise incongruously joins together the forces of the Marxist left (the “Red”) with the global Islamic Sharia Movement (the “Green”).

What otherwise might seem an odd pairing is revealed in this Edition 2.0 as very much of an ad hoc collaboration among global forces whose common objective is the destruction of Western Civilization.

America’s Constitutional Republic stands alone as the last bulwark against tyrannical forces of both Red and Green whose collective goal is to alter and undermine our national character, traditions, and laws so much that it can overthrow our form of government without firing a shot.”


  • Contact your church and synagogue leaders and tell them… YOU WILL NOT DONATE to the collection plate to fund the charities that dump illegals and unvetted refugees into your community whey it is expected that you pay for their assimilation… which in many cases they refuse to do.
  • Tell your church and synagogue leaders you will not work to build ANY TRI-FAITH event or movement to promote the message that “We all come from the same Abrahamic faith”… This is a lie and you know it!
  • Contact your Legislators and tell them to STOP any action where your city, your state is being targeted to become a Sanctuary for illegals!  If already declared, gather friends and family to turn that around and let them know you will vote them out!
  • Get to know your candidates for any next election.  And… if they are Muslim, understand they are required to follow Sharia.  Then read the articles by Stephen M. Kirby about Constitution and Islam, where he shows how Sharia is specifically against Amendments 1, 8, and 13 of the U.S. Constitution.  Those articles can be found on The United West website.  He also gives you questions to ask the Muslim candidate… then listen closely for the answers given.
  • Then make sure your friends, family, and even community are registered to vote and get to the polls. 


40 million Christians do NOT vote, as Jim Simpson tells us!  This is unacceptable!   It is up to all of us to make a difference and ensure we save America!