Enemies Within: Laurie Cardoza-Moore and Mike Goldstein


Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: The Enemies Within  with Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nation (PJTN) and Mike Goldstein, Legal Counsel to PJTN and Director of the Ohio Chapter of PJTN. Website can be found here.

PJTN educates communities of the Biblical principles why Christians support Israel and the Jewish people. Builds strong alliances across America with Jewish groups and teaches individuals in communities to create their own chapter. They will soon be international as a new chapter is being started in Johannesburg, South Africa.

PJTN has many initiatives and activities across America, from radio to documentaries. They also work with state legislators to get laws passed that will ensure America does NOT erase the Judeo-Christian heritage that formed America. They stand in support of Israel and are working to stop the BDS movement and all antisemitism where it rears it’s ugly head! See all their ISSUES here, and join PJTN to work alongside these courageous people!

One very important ACTION we fully support (we support all, but this one is key) is the petition to DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RESIGNATIONS OF CONGRESSWOMEN ILHAN OMAR, RASHIDA TLAIB AND ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ Please go here and sign it: https://www.pjtn.org/demandomarresign


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