SCS Action Line: Philip Haney-Mass-Murder Blindspot-Deobandi Madrassa System


Mass-Murder Blindspot – Deobandi Madrassa System/Deobandi Terrorist Network – Transforming Boys to Killers for Allah. Madrassa’s are NOT just “over there”, they are in the UK, Canada, and in the U.S.

DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney Connects the Dots — Sri Lanka to San Bernadino to Orlando. Where will it hit next?

The Deoband, Al-Qaeda of the Indian Subcontinent [AQIS] Code of Conduct is potentially as deadly for America as the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum. IF ONLY we listened to what they tell us and took action based on these documents… BUT, our elected officials have determined these documents mean nothing. Why else would they disregard these threats?

Philip Haney tells us what he discovered before Homeland Security decided his intel was NOT needed and what the Obama administration did to destroy it. When he was proven correct with the attacks in San Bernadino and again with the attack in Orlando!

When will the people elected to protect America wake up and begin to do the job they were elected to do? Part of that is getting them trained to recognize it, continuing the research to define this threat and determining how far they have progressed. Philip continues to do that with his work that is NOW being distributed by the Indian Air Force intel magazine, Defence & Security Alert.

July 2019 article: SUBCONTINENT NEXT

Philip B. Haney:

The writer is a founding member of the US Department of Homeland Security and author of See Something, Say Nothing, a best-selling expose’ of the Obama Administration’s submission to the goals and policies of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups around the world.

J.M. Phelps:

The writer is a counter-terrorism expert and freelance journalist, focussing on national security for In 2018, he received a certification for an intense online self-study through the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel.


  • Get your legislators to read the threats that Philip and his co-author, J.M. Phelps, have defined.
  • Get these documents (DSA magazines & Code of Conduct) to the Executive branch of our government
  • Share this radio recording and tell everyone to distribute. Somewhere it will touch the right person to push for changes and a realization of this threat, that it is as bad as the Muslim Brotherhood.