Enemies Within The Community – With Dave Gaubatz and David Bores


Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: The Enemies Within The Community – Mosques are Battalions and qualify as Dangerous, Very Dangerous, or Extremely Dangerous by Dave Gaubatz who has been in some of the most dangerous mosques across America.

Dave Gaubatz & David Bores discuss what is being taught, what has been found, and what many in the community do NOT know is being planned from within the mosques in America. The hands-on, inside look from detailed research and face-to-face discussions with mosque Imam’s, attendees, and material found.

Dave Gaubatz, a 22 yrs military veteran who serve 12 yrs as a Special Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and held Top Secret/SCI clearances to be briefed on “black ops” projects. Managed a team of researchers that have gone into 300+ mosques in the U.S. and 150+ internationally, gathering intel with first-hand experience and observations.

David Bores, 23 yrs Military Police, retiring as Lt. Col. Ret. Police Chief in North GA, and certified GA POST trainer, training 1500+ officers. Now a co-founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers.

What is occurring in your community? Do you have a mosque that you know about? Or, is there Islamic conversions, prayers, and planning happening in the back room of your local convenience store? Either way, the activities most likely are creating a danger to you and your community. All mosques MUST adhere to Sharia… if they tell you they don’t, then they are either lying or are apostates.

Watch what Dave Gaubatz has learned by actually going into mosques, most recently in New Hampshire and Georgia, observing the people, the Imam, and reading the material being promoted. Friday prayers is one of the most telling times to attend and learn. But, other days can be very revealing as well.

David Bores, self educated of this threat and has a mission to train law enforcement on the threats of Sharia across Georgia and the southeast.

Scott, included in this webinar shares his experiences working with Dave Gaubatz in New Hampshire. Mary Wierbicki, also shares her experiences working with Dave & David within Georgia.

PDF of the Sworn Affidavit is Available here:


  • Share this with your legislators and ask them to pay attention.
  • Share this within your community, they need to know
  • Do NOT enter a mosque alone or without educating yourself first for what to look for and how to handle yourself.
  • Do your research on the mosque, it’s 501c3 status, it’s tax records, it’s corporate filings for the 501c3, it’s Imam, property records, and final ownership. If you see IIIT (Institute of International Islamic Thought), it is many times the owner and very much a Muslim Brotherhood organization.
  • Research it’s associations with CAIR (who have been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holyland Foundation trial for sending funds to Hamas).
  • Research it’s associations with Tri-Faith events and speak to the local Christian and Jewish leaders to educate them against holding these events.

Then continue to follow us.

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