SCS Action Line: Leo Hohmann – Pope Francis & The Enemies Within the Catholic Church


Pope Francis & The Enemies Within the Catholic Church  

Leo Hohmann discusses two of his latest articles at , both articles tell us how badly the churches are falling away from the true message of Christ.  We discuss with  Leo the Pope and what is the latest move to change Catholicism,  “Francis Unleashes his Inner Pagan in Pan-Amazonian Document”  and how Christianity MUST stand against the movement trying to take over America by the  open borders that Marxism is promoting from WITHIN the churches.

Marxist Pope Francis Is Laying the Foundation for his‘new’ Church in a World Without America: Pope Francis, in working with the world’s most powerful Islamic leaders, … and now pagans, seems to believe that before we can have world government, we must embrace a loose form of a world religion….
Will Catholics save their faith from Francis politics?  Will enough American Catholics part ways with Francis in 2020  to “Keep America Great”?  How will Conservative Catholics break away from the Pope’s message to stand against his Marxist views?

Leo’s second article:

One of America’s most respected Christian leaders returns from border visit sad, angry and sounding alarm bells

Talks about the border, the TRUTH about the CRISES AT THE BORDER, and reports from Dr. James Dobson who visited the border and saw it first hand.   Dr. Dobson, along with our friend, Shahram Hadian, make the case that Christ would NOT support the Marxist worldview of an OPEN border with this statement (from Leo’s article), quote from Shahram Hadian: 

“To claim that the Bible or Jesus condones breaking the law in this manner is to claim that God is not a God of order,” he said. “There is no legal or lawful right to enter another country illegally in violation of their laws. Again, it is not compassion or biblical to have an open-border policy, sanctuary cities or flooding our cities with un-vetted refugees. All of those are signs of lawlessness, rebellion, anarchy and a pattern of biblical judgment. Those characteristics of a nation happened when that nation was in rebellion to God. These behaviors are against the Word of God. Period. We need borders, walls, and a completely overhauled immigration system that stops the flood of illegal aliens into our nation. I am all about lawful rules and compassion, both in compliance with our Constitution and with the Laws of God.”


  • Impact the Pope and his actions by NOT donating to the Catholic charities that are undermining America’s sovereignty – Peter’s Pence, Bishop’s Appeal, and others.  Even the Sunday collection plate.   Offer service to your local church, not money!
  • Talk with your Priest’s and Bishops to determine how left they lean… if they tell you “we are all one Abrahamic faith”, run!  If they tell you they support Sanctuary Cities, run!  If they tell you they support Pope Francis and all he mandates, run!
  • Start a Home Church, and build on that to practice the faith without the Marxism infecting your church.  Remember, Matthew, 18:20, “For where two or three meet in my name, I am there among them.”
  • Begin conversations with your church community to educate them as well.  It is critical to ensure we have the Christian voting block active in the next election.  It will take all of us to get that done.