The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia & Its Entrenchment Into EVERY U.S. Sphere: Will Trump (Finally) Designate It A “FTO”? If Not, Why Not?

Muslim Brotherhood logo, crossed swords + the Koran, with the Arabic word “Prepare” inscribed below the swords…extrapolate from there….

Source: Adina Kutnicki, July 8, 2019

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BACK in 2017, President Trump directed the State Department to look into designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). (More than) rightfully so. Long overdue, too. In response, anti-“America First” types at Foggy Bottom, you know, those who are averse and allergic to assert, first and foremost, the national interest, demurred. Resultant, foreign interests continuously supersede America’s at State. Plain and simple.

INDEED, this manifestly urgent and righteous designation was met with the most intellectually dishonest assessment; one which even astute students of strategic affairs – armed with a modicum of historical acumen, and with a concentration in transnational terror organizations – would find appallingly ignorant. More pointedly, said students would recognize their so-called explanation as a bold-faced lie, too.

Trump first directed the State Department to look into designating the Brotherhood in 2017, but it decided that the group did not meet the legal requirements of an FTO, since it is not a unitary organization and does not have an established pattern of violence…..continue reading the whole atrocity here…..

WHO do they think they are smokin’?

ALAS, such is what passes for analysis from the “leading lights” in U.S. foreign policy circles, as gleaned by FOREIGN AFFAIRS – the “bible” published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): yes, that bastion of globalists who are joined at the hip to U.N. policy directives ala the autocrats within! No exaggeration.

NOW, let there be no doubt that the expertise within, that is, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, is recognized by non-PC blinded experts throughout the world – some of whom, believe it or not, hail from particular Islamic-infested cesspools! Of course, their names won’t be outed within, unless they reveal themselves beforehand. After all, it’s a life or death proposition.

IN this regard, this topic (coupled with its dangerous knock-on effects to America in particular and the west in general) has been analyzed at this site ad infinitum. In fact, the most recent explorations can be accessed via the links below.

MIND you, housed below are two noted intelligence experts – both of whom articulate highly cogent analyses sans any PC Allah-washing. Dear reader, without a doubt, intellectual and internal fortitude is mandatory to beat back the gravest civilizational scourge, that is, Islam. In turn, the ability to pressure the leadership into cutting the Brotherhood off at its knees will be within reach. So, school’s in session….



NOW that the educational realm is revealed for what it is and is duly within grasp, how much more urgent does it have to get to arouse millions of patriots, in so far that public schools across America – in words and actions – are elevating Islam to top-dog status in the educational sphere? Indeed, how can it stand that a West New York school board in Newark, New Jersey (alongside others, caught bowing down to Islam) allows Muslim students to proselytize and convert classmates on school property, regardless of any gobbledygook re “inclusion” and “tolerance?” Besides, just imagine the hues and cries from all across the nation, if Christian or Jewish students dared to do the same? Incontestably, the howls and shrieks would be deafening, as they should be.


STILL yet, the Brotherhood Mafia’s incursion marches apace, unencumbered, and unmolested into, of all places, Disney World! Imagine that. Pay very careful heed…..

Image result for pics of zafir rashid
(Zafir Rashid – farthest to the left – a Muslim Brotherhood CEO, an experienced bag-man behind the latest infiltration and penetration – Disney World, here they come!!)  


Considering Islam’s founder, Muhammad, had a thing for children, and apparently so did Council on AmericanIslamic Relations coordinator Ahmad Saleem, who was among 100 people busted in a child prostitution sting in Orlando in 2015, it’s not surprising that a Muslim operation would form a sharia-compliant resort in Orlando right next to Disney World.  It’s also not surprising the people behind the resort have tiesto Islamic terror organizations.

Jacob Engels, an Orlando based journalist, has uncovered quite a bit of backgroundconcerning the man behind the “all halal” and Muslim families accommodating resort titled “Golden Lagoon,” which is modeled after The Grand Medina Nature Reserve & Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic, a  country we are now questioning whether or not is friendly to American tourists after 11 Americans were apparently poisoned to death inside of 12 months.

Engels informs us about the man behind it all, Everest CEO Zafir Rashid.

He writes that Rashid:

…formed an Orlando-based affiliate company, GMR Development Orlando Inc., for the project, which will be its first in the United States. In Canada, the company specializes in multi-family real estate, student residences, commercial/retail mixed-use communities, and hospitality properties.

It will span over 200-acres and is estimated to cost $500 million.

Rashid’s companies have sponsored the Reviving the Islamic Spirit annual gathering, where WTC bombing co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj and noted anti-Semite Linda Sarsour have spoken. Wahhaj’s son was recently busted running a terrorist training compound in New Mexico and Sarsour has stated that we shouldn’t “humanize” the Jewish people.

The Grand Medina Resort, Rashid’s Dominican Republic based and soon-to-open carbon copy of the proposed Orlando project, recently sponsored the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention in Houston. ISNA has admitted ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, both extremist terrorist organizations operating in America and abroad.

Engels rightly asks, “At face value, you might think that there is nothing wrong with having a “Muslim friendly” resort, but how can we be sure that “Muslim friendly” does not mean “Muslim only” or terrorist friendly? We have seen how massive Muslim migration has taken over cities in Minnesota and Michigan, where non-Muslim residents are unwelcome and in imminent danger. Honor killings in these areas, particularly in the Midwest, are on the rise.”

Mr. Engels also noted that Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has one of their largest and most active branches in Central Florida.

There is no talk from the FBI on this as Orlando continues to be a hotbed for Islamic growth, just as the Tampa area has become.  Not that the FBI would do any good anyways.  We’ve seen what they did in Garland, Texas, how they dropped the ball on 9/11, the utter failure when it came to a beheading plot against Pamela Geller and several jihad attacks, including the Pulse shooting three years ago in Orlando and numerous other Islamic jihad attacks on American soil.

“Sharia in the Sun” is what Engels calls this and he’s right.

This is happening right out in the open.

Does anyone seriously think this is not going to be a war room of sorts for anti-American Islamic terrorists to plot their next jihad here in the States?  If you don’t think that is a possibility, then you simply don’t know your history or you are willfully ignorant.  There is no in between.

INEXTRICABLY, as repeatedly analyzed at this site and elsewhere, stealth jihad, for the time being, is their weapon of choice to reel in a PC-addicted, multicultural-obsessed western public. Yes, it is working like a charm, similar to the sleight of hand at the Magic Kingdom!

EVEN so, guess what? One needn’t believe the experts cited above, if disinclined to listen to non-PC westerners. As such, if the words of Brotherhood Mafia insiders are more convincing, so be it.
THUS, akin to several (more than candid) Jihadis cited in interviews and at these pages, this Muslim Brotherhood expert warns: the failure to listen to the following two Islamic voices will be a grave mistake.


Suheib Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has fled from the terrorist organization to an undisclosed Asian country…..

Suheib Yousef said that the corruption among Hamas members in Turkey was a catalyst for his leaving his post in Hamas’s “political branch” in the country and for giving the interview…..

“Hamas operates security and military operations on Turkish soil under the cover of civil society,” he said. “They have security centers from which they operate advanced listening equipment, to listen to people and (Palestinian) leaders in Ramallah.”

Yousef added that Hamas’s intelligence gathering “isn’t for the Palestinian cause,” but rather sold “to Iran in return for financial assistance”….

Hamas in Turkey is also used to conscript people, including children, to commit terror attacks against Israelis, he said.

Yousef clarified that Hamas has no desire to improve the lives of Palestinian people or to establish a Palestinian state…..

“The point of the attacks in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) is to kill civilians, not for the aim of resistance, or Jerusalem, not for liberating Palestinian land, and not even because they hate Jews,” he said. “They send out these innocents because they want to export the crisis [from Gaza] to the West Bank.”

He revealed that he was “shocked by the behavior” of Hamas leaders who ignore the hardship and poverty in Gaza while living extravagant lives in Turkey.

“Hamas leaders [in Turkey] live in fancy hotels and luxury towers, their kids learn at private schools and they are very well paid by Hamas,” Yousef said. “They get between four and five thousand dollars a month; they have guards, swimming pools, country clubs. They pay $200 for one course [at fancy restaurants] for one person and a family in Gaza lives on $100 per month.”

Suheib is the second son of the Hamas co-founder to desert the terrorist organization. His older brother, Mosab became an undercover agent the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, from 1997 to 2007…..continue the rest of the truth-telling here….

BUT despite these bombshell defections and revelations, what is the nexus between the flight of two of Hamas’s scions vis-à-vis what transpires on U.S. soil, relative to the Brotherhood Mafia?
As it happens, it has already been proven that CAIR was set-up and organized by Hamas; the Gazan arm of the global terror organization. It operates as the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda front within the U.S. and Canada. Simple as that. Deadly, too.
MORE specifically, CAIR is an unindicted coconspirator to the largest terrorism trial in U.S. history. Resultant, how can it stand that it is under their umbrella and spear that the way has been paved for the Brotherhood’s entry into every national sphere – including the dangers at bay, as exhibited within the educational, cultural, and entertainment arenas alike, Disney World style!

INEXORABLY, once the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s entrenchment is understood for what it is, the latest encroachments – atop all of their previous infiltration and penetration into the kiddie sphere – serve to underscore the acute urgency to cut off their tentacled reach. Indubitably, it couldn’t be more ominous.

MOST significantly, all of which is a direct outgrowth of what transpires when they are left unopposed. In tandem, when their political enablers are not held to account in the court of public opinion via massive push-back – with nary a knock-on effect from the so-called justice system – Shariah compliant Islamists find themselves closer than ever to gaining the keys to America’s kingdom – and not only by way of Disney World!


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