ISRAEL #WALLSWORK – Clare Lopez on a Fact Finding Tour of Israel


Sharia Crime Stoppers presents:  Clare Lopez, VP for Research and Analysis at Center for Security Policy discusses how Israel solved much of their security and illegals problem with “Smart Walls”, not JUST a wall, but one with modern technology to see and know what is at their borders.

Clare joined a 10 day tour across Israel, with The United West and Dr. Roni Wexler of Heritage Study Programs, where they travelled to all of Israel’s borders, spoke with key Israeli’s who built the border wall systems implemented there, and saw first hand what was a major issue, now resolved. Illegal crossings cut nearly 100% in much of the border system.

One  Update from this webinar recording:  Question Asked: What happens if the electrical fails in the Smart Fencing… ANSWER:  Israel has a massive sensor system built into all wall fencing to know when and how close someone or something gets, with aerial views included.  If a failure occurs anywhere along those borders, within seconds they have troops engaged to investigate and protect.

President Donald Trump has been trying everything he can to get the southern  border protected from the illegal invasion happening, but Congress is refusing to work WITH him, instead accusing him of a “manufactured crises’.  The resolution is simple and Israel gives us the details of how and why it’s needed.  If ONLY, Congress would listen to Clare’s briefing on what was done to protect ALL citizens of Israel and how they did it.


  • Share this with your legislators and ask them to pay attention.  We DO HAVE a crises at the border!  It’s up to CONGRESS to fix it!
  • Share this within your community, they need to know there are solutions and Israel is a prime example.
  • Do your research  to understand what it means to be a Sovereign Nation!  Open borders does NOT enable us to keep a nation state and remain free and strong!


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