Enemies Within – with Dr. Stephen Kirby – Holding Muslim Public Officials Accountable


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents – Dr. Stephen Kirby, retired Los Angeles Police Detective, Author, and Speaker on the threats of Sharia in America. Holding Muslim Public Officials Accountable to the U.S. Constitution and their oath of office.

How can a Muslim Public Official swear to live by Sharia AND uphold their oath of office to govern  in their elected position by the U.S. or State Constitution? They can’t!   

Watch as Dr. Kirby explains a comparison of the U.S. Constitution to the Quran with verses identified that mandate actions required by Sharia, but are against U.S. Law.  He offers questions you can ask Muslim candidates running for office.  He even includes questions for our Canadian friends during this election cycle for them.   You can find those here.

Dr. Kirby’s articles discussed on this webinar are at his website:  Islamseries.org
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  • Share this with your community and stand up for America and the U.S. Constitution!
  • Create 3×5 cards with Dr. Kirby’s questions or some you have about Sharia in America and how it goes against the U.S. Constitution. Then take them to every event where candidates are speaking.
  • Gather a team of people with  you to attend Townhalls during the election cycle and challenge your candidates to confirm how they will govern.  If they can’t answer or won’t, then followup with Letters to the Editor and Talk Radio where possible to educate your community.
  • RECORD, RECORD, RECORD any conversation or interaction with your candidates by using your smart phones.  Let the candidates see that you are recording… they should NOT be fearful of ANY recording devices.