SCS Action Line: Laura Loomer – Banned for Confronting the Jew-Haters


Laura Loomer – Banned from EVERY social media platform and donation platforms to enable her to continue her work for:  Confronting the Jew-Haters

Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and the Rest that are STILL allowed to have accounts to bash Jews and pretty much anyone who STANDS with Israel!

Will anyone be brave enough to indict Ilhan for Perjury? Immigration Fraud? Marriage Fraud?  State & Federal Tax Fraud? Federal Student Loan Fraud?

Linda Just Called for Jihad Against Trump Again!   IF Jihad is a “personal struggle”, as they proclaim it to all Infidels, then why is Linda calling for Jihad AGAINST a sitting President?  Is she promoting violence against President Trump?   

Lots to Talk About… 

Please follow Laura and the work she is doing at:
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REMEMBER… she is doing the work that the mainstream media SHOULD be doing… that is… REPORTING THE TRUTH!   She is confronting the lies and deception spewed by the Liberal Marxist not just reporting the lies, but also many that are elected to office.   A HUGE Thank You to Laura for the work she is doing!